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Tabata in 2004?


i'm wondering why T-Nation first got introduced to this style of training in 2004. this style has been around a loooooog time..
did T-Nation first start up in 2004?


This first formal TABATA studies took place in 1996. It always takes a few years to popularize new methods(if we recognize it as such). You are correct when you say that this type of training has been around for a long time; we used it in the eighties and it had been around for a long time then. Of course we didn't adhere to exact interval times or limit the training to eight cycles like TABATA. We usually went until somebody 'cried uncle'...LOL.

Perhaps TABATA developed from the study of what successful people were doing to start with, and formalized the protocol around what was most effective for the average person(just a shot in the dark). Like many things today; the past is brought forward, declared 'an innovation', is re-packaged and sold as a training revolution.


Tabata is of marginal, if any, use to bodybuilding and strength development, the primary areas of focus at T-Nation. So the alleged delay in its introduction to T-Nation does not seem to me remarkable.


This. I use them for conditioning/cutting purposes. I can't think of any use they would have to a bodybuilder outside of cutting perhaps.


Interval lactate circuits have definitely been around for a long time. But Tabata worked with olympic cyclists. His study was done on anything BUT the average person and he did it to test improvements in their anaerobic performance. His study used 170% of VO2 max as the training parameter for the work periods. Simply put, that is inhuman and far beyond what any normal person is capable of. His study was eventually adapted into "as fast as you can go" for normal people.

But yeah, the old becomes new again. If not in specifics, then at least in spirit.


I think T-Nation is from 2002, no?


Thanks for filling in the blanks.


Been doing martial arts since 79. We used to do "intensity" training that was very similar to tabatas, 'cept we threw each other instead or did sprawl combos, &c., It is possible that Tabata had run into them that way as well or that athletes who had done some MA training (judo loves this stuff) thought it would be great to try elsewhere. I can attest to the fact swing tabatas are great for losing weight.

-- jj