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Tabata for Quads/Fat Loss?


I usually do some high reps squats front squats to put a burn into my quads, as I'm REALLY glute dominant. Also, though I'm really lean, I do seem to store any fat I have on my lower back and love handles. So the other day, at the end of my Leg workout, I decided to do some "Ultimate Quad Squats" from the "best of Quads" article, in tabata fashion, (20 seconds on, 10 off, for 4 minutes).

I got a really good burn, and I know Tabata is also a good way to burn some fat. I guess my question is, that considering I'm not trying to 'cut', is this a decent stragety? could it benefit both goals to a significatn degree? If anyone's tried something similiar for awhile (not for only a week), or has a better idea or suggestion, please post.


Didn't you pretty much answer your own question there? Tabatas are a fat loss protocol. If you're not trying to burn fat, then Tabatas aren't the answer.

Also remember that when Dan John first wrote about doing front squat Tabatas, he was talking about 95 pounds being on the higher side. Regardless of the burn you feel, that will not promote quad size.

If you're looking to target your quads, either incorporate some more of the techniques from the Best of Quads article or Thib's Bulk Up, Cut Up article: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/bulk_up_cut_up_quads_and_tris or consider spending a month or so on a leg specialization program to even things out.