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Tabata First Timer...

with tabata, front squat style, and I couldn’t walk for five minutes. jesus…I knew it would be hard…but my god, even sitting hurt! kudos to professor tabata and all the other guys…christ I can’t even run haha! anyone else try this recently?

bro i just tried it about a week ago nd it was hell, I was huffin nd puffin like a bull moose in the rut. Needless to say i used only 75 pounds for front squats nd was sore for a few days after lol. It really works.

i tried 75 as well…just ouch. even four hours later…ouch.

I’ve used it for myself and some trainees in the past, I have to give kudos to Coach Danny John for turning me on to it, absolutley the REAL DEAL.

Tabata thrusters make 10 pounds seem like a thousand. It’s a great way to involve the whole body in a very challenging movement.

Tried both of these last week. Real butt whooper. How often are you guys doing this method in one week. I am interested in dropping BF and thought about using Tabata about 3-4 times a week instead of long drawn out cardio. Input?

try it and tell us how it is! I know that in the study provided in the T-Nation article about it (it’s in the discussion, I know that much), the subjects performed it a few times per week. Check out the study