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Yes, I prefer to stop at day 10 of a 2 week cycle… and on the other hand, day 1 is preferably quadrupled-up (e.g. 200 mg if using 50 mg/day) to get levels immediately up to where they will stay. So still, about the same total amount is used as if doing 14 days at 50 mg/day. Injection soreness should not be an issue if injections are slow and the material is pure and has no irritating components. I prefer an injection rate no faster than 30 seconds per mL. There simply is NOT some kind of system of giant 23 gauge or bigger conduits snaking through your muscles, ready to carry away the oil at superspeed… the oil can seep between the muscle fibers only rather slowly. I personally prefer 29 gauge insulin needles. A thing to watch out for is that TA is not so readily prepared into a truly pharmaceutical-quality preparation. For example, a clean preparation is essentially colorless except for the color of the oil… However, I do not know that the impurities generally present do any harm. At the very least sterile procedures should be followed, and should include submicron filtration and heat sterilization. This doesn’t remove all the binders from the material, nor any oxidized impurities, but again I don’t know those to be harmful (neither do I know them to be perfectly safe.)