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Was planning on low test/Tren cycle… scrapping that all together.

Buddy talked me into a T400/TBOL cycle
It seems a little safer to me for my sex drive and gains overall.
When using the T400… being a mixed and long lasting ester I suspect the dosing might be a bit different than straight test?
It 250mg Enth and 150mg deconeate
I’ve done 750mg/wk of Delytestryl 2x before… but spent years at 500mg/wk, I’m currently cruising at 200mg/wk Sandoz cyp for 16 weeks

I suppose I could hit some prop or test ace in the first two weeks to kick start it, and any words of wisdom with the Tbol dosage and T400?

I’ll increase my arimidex from .5mg E3d to .5mg EOD
and start some hcg I’ve had on hand too

I also have 3 kits of hGH on hand too

T400 - 200mg Mon, 400mg Wed, 400mg Fri - for 8 weeks
Tbol - 60 mg/ED for 6 weeks
hcg - 25 units E3D
Arimidex - 0.5mg EOD

Is what I was thinking