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T400/Deca/Anadrol Stack Questions

Hey guys first post here.

I have been running t400 for about a month split through 2 shots per week.
Also running anadrol 50 mg per day.
I just got some deca and was curious for some more input on doasging.
I know I want to be between 250-500 per week.

I’m 5 foot 8 170 and doing a lean bulk.

Any advice is greatly appreciated thank you

Start with 50 per day if you are going to do it. Bloating can be extreme. The results from 50 a day should be pretty big.

Personally I’m avoiding nandralone, as the risks are a bit much for me.

I have been running 50 mg daily on anadrol while using t400. Just adding in the deca that’s the dosgae I’m curious about.

How are your gains so far? If really good, I would wait until next cycle. Deca and the nandralone derivatives have different sides that complicated things. Do you have caber on hand? If not, I would skip. It is up to you on dosing, if you use it, I would go for low dose like 250 mg per week. How long is your cycle? Deca also takes a bit to ramp up, and to clear.

Gains have been good so far on 2400 cal, up 4 pounds but a lot was recomp dropped a lot of fat. I have no caber on hand but could get some in, my cycle will be 12-14 weeks. One of the reasons I wanted to run deca was for the joint benefits. Would it not be worth it to run 250 per week for 10 weeks? I will be cutting out the anadrol at in a couple weeks also.

If you are set on Deca I would choose the shorter ester, NPP instead. If shit goes wrong it will clear your body faster. If just for joint pain, you can go with a smaller dose. Keep in mind that it’s only masking the joint pain, so if you have a real injury or inflammation going on it’s only going to make the problem worse if you push through it.

I would personally stay away from it all together, but I haven’t run a cycle before so I would say that about all 19-nor drugs for someone that is not an advanced user.

Thanks for the input guys, maybe I’ll save it for a next cycle, i should have done more research on Running deca and had it from the start, I usually run t400 and Dbol or anadrol only used a second injectable (equipoise) once. any other recommendations or suggestions are appreciated.

How did you like the EQ? How long did you run it?

Eq was good I ran it for 8 or 9 weeks with sust and dbal.

Christ… All these deca fear mongering but stuff like anadrol is OK? It depends per person, personally I can run deca 400 even 500 with no noticeable side effects, but anadrol just 50MG raises my BP and heart rate significantly, also shortness of breath etc, water, cant even run it long, also make me feel like shit, but yes it does work well for gains.

Finish this one strong and save it for another cycle, or like stated above use NPP. Same drug shorter ester. Unless you’re talking about adding a full 12-16 weeks to the cycle you’re in the middle of. Deca takes a while to kick in. NPP is on in a few days and if things go wrong clear faster as stated above. IMO