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T400/Dbol/Anavar. Add Eq?

31 year old male
13% bf
10+ years training

Hey all, was hoping to get a little feedback on tweaking my current cycle.

For starters I have run lots of cycles in the past but had decided a couple years ago that I was going to focus more on my training technique and nutrition before continuing with PEDs.

I have a full PCT planned with enough AI to fight off any unexpected estro related effects.

I was going to run a 10 week cycle as followed

Week 1-10 400mg T400
Week 1-4 30mg Dbol ED
Week 5-10 60mg anavar ED

My question is, I was thinking about adding in some EQ starting week 4 (this week) and extending my cycle to 12 weeks to try and add a little more mass to my cycle. Is 8 weeks of EQ worth it or should I stick to what I’m running now and wait for next time?

Thanks in advance

Is 10 weeks of orals kinda pushing it?

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Eight weeks of EQ isn’t worth the trouble it brings. Skip it and stick to your original plan.

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10 weeks of orals is a lot, but at least var is mild. I wouldn’t do this after this cycle. EQ needs to be run longer than 8 weeks. Don’t add it, as it won’t do much and will complicate your PCT timing as it takes a long time to clear.

I was under the impression anavar was primarily filtered by your kidneys. Much less toxic on your liver than the Dbol.

Blood work to confirm acceptable levels at the half way point either way.

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Thanks for the advice. I can cut the anavar as well this time around. I always like the way it helped cut the bloat. I’m noticing though that with a clean diet I’m not blowing up as much as I used to.

For my next cycle before next summer. What can be run beside the test to keep that tight look if I’m staying away from prolonged orals?

Oh yeah I was thinking lipids rather than liver. But you’re right Var should have a milder impact

You’re right though, I haven’t started the Var and might scrap that all together. It’s not going to help my strength/weight gain and going into winter I’m not overly concerned with being super toned.

I actually got surprising gains using just Var and test. Maybe you can run 4 weeks dbol, take 2 week break, run 4 weeks Var and compare?

I might try that, a little break in the orals wouldn’t hurt. While we’re on topic of orals do you always take an AI regardless? I have lots of arimidex etc on hand, I was always told to get your tests done and dose accordingly but I’ve read a lot lately that guys say take it regardless.

I don’t really take AI anymore. Use it if you need it is my philosophy on it, as it isn’t great for you.

I’ve never experienced any signs of gyno or high E levels. I don’t even know what to look for.

With Var, no. Dbol would depend on the test dose, how you handle e2, etc.

Personally I feel better if my e2 is around 40-60pg, so sometimes I take a tiny amount to keep it in that range. But I’ve had years of playing with it to know what works best for me. Yours will likely be different. It’s not a bad thing to have on hand tho

Personally I’d be interested in seeing what you’re results show and how the two compare. Diet, gym schedule all being equal, compare 4 weeks of each. See which one you like better

I’ll give that a try. My gym schedule will remain largely the same. Sports a couple times a week etc etc.

I’m working with RP nutrition right now so my diet will change slightly as I’m working with a macro ratio that will increase as my weight increases but I would be happy to report the increase in gains from start to finish to compare the dbol to the var

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