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T400 Cycle

so i have decided to start a t400 cycle for my first cycle.

i plan on taking 400 mg split in to 2 shots a week (monday and thursday)

the t4oo consists of test prop 25mg/ml
test enan 187.5mg/ml
test cyp 187.5mg/ml

for pct i plan on using nolvadex 40mg a day for the 1st week and than 20 a day for 2 more weeks.

i will also have some nolva on hand for during the cycle to combat any e sides.

how long after the last shot should i wate to start the pct?

befor i start i would apreciate some feedback on this cycle. any advice would be helpful

You are using a product with prop in it and only taking 2 shots per week. Not very optimal with the fast acting nature of prop. You should take a shot E3D at the very least or switch to something such as cyp or enathate.
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Yes that is odd that your Test is 6% prop and 94% long estered. Basically, I’d ignore the prop and treat it like you were just doing enan and cyp. In this case then yes 2 shots a week is acceptable.
2 weeks is standard waiting time after the last shot to begin Nolva.