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T400 Cut with Omnidren 250


Sup guys. My bud is thinking about cutting his T400 with Omnidren 250. He read that the T400 can be pretty painful due to the alchohol content. He wants to know if he can mix the dren 250 with it, since the T400 comes in a 10ml bottle, and the dren is 1ml vials.

He has 20ml of both, wants to shot 1ml of the "mix" E3D.


yes he can mix both but Omandrin is like sustanon, you have to inject it more often. day after day or every day for stable blood levels (less sides). so if your "FRIEND" is willing to inject eod or everyday then go for it. if he wants to inject every 3 days then T400 only.
so it's a matter of choice, pinning eod (T400+Oman) OR every 3 days with so alchohol pain (T400 alone)


Thanks for the reply, Nidal. I'll let him know. I've only taken the kirachi sust a few cycles, never messed or heard of the t400 before.

Thanks again!