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T400 Cruise, Dose for TRT-Levels?

I’ve been though two cycles of Test400 and EQ, after proper PCT is done and a couple months have past. Lab work shows my T levels at the bottom of the norm, around 8… not sure 8 of what but apparently not low enough for a doctor to prescribe any TRT… but my energy levels and sex drive are low… to low

Could I do an injection once or twice a week of the Test400 to keep my levels around 25-30

If so how many MG, how often? And should I use T400 injections or is there a oral I could get?

How long were you on for, what was your clearance time and what is the proper PCT that you did?

You can’t just inject a couple times a week. Either try another PCT or try get your levels back to your normal, otherwise get full bloods done and consider full TRT If necessary. It’s not something you can do half heartedly, that’s just going to shut you down and cause you to absolutely need TRT.

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I was on cycle for 15 weeks, Followed by 1 week of 3 shots of Test Prop (Mon, Wed, Fri) , then armidex each day and a shot of HCG for 10 days

I rely didn’t want to take more shots of T400 when not on cycle, could you take HCG during the off cycle period to keep the test levels increasing?

Your PCT doesn’t sound good at all to be honest. With test cyp and EQ you need a much longer clearing period. 2 odd weeks isn’t enough. HCG isn’t enough to restart your system either, especially since you started it while you still had test and EQ suppressing your HTPA.
I think you need to relook at a good PCT to see if you can restart. HCG has no place in PCT, I used it during my bridge into PCT.
if you’re talking about HCG mono therapy, yes people do it, often not as effectively as proper TRT, but surely you’d want to try get your system restarted naturally before committing to what could be lifelong medical treatment?

8 is low enough for TRT depending on where you live. In Australia it’s low enough for most to consider a private script, but below 6 is the “definitely”… if you’ve got private healthcare you might get on with a TT of 15+ (many healthcare professionals aren’t educated adequately to know about FT, so they JUST gauge with TT, so those with TT of like 30nmol but bottomed out FT are outta luck unless they go private)

Yes, however chances are you’ll recover naturally… exogenous androgen usage, even in TRT dosages poses inherent risks, if you go down this route you’ll want to routinely monitor BP, lipids, PSA (just in case), haematological parameters (HCT and RBC count especially)… This isn’t something one can just casually jump into… or at least they shouldn’t.

Given it’s almost certain you’re hypogonadism is AAS induced we have a causing factor

Also guys, isn’t it just retarded one can’t get TRT with a TT of like 240ng/dl when literature empiracly demonstrates serious ailments (osteoporosis, increased incidence of MI/type 2 diabetes) occur once levels drop below 350ng/dl? We need to stop using ref ranges composed off a normal, overweight populace and think “well, what’s best in terms of longevity/optimal quality of life?” I believe increased incidence of MI might even be correlated with levels below 450ng/dl, however many of the correlations like obesity, metS etc… is it caused by low T alone or from obesity in the first place… I think it’s a combination of both, there’s a distinct direct observed effect regarding low T and impaired insulin sensitivity, however eunuchs don’t seem to have increased MI incidence, thus I’d hypothesise that variable might just be from an unhealthy populace having low T… because they’re fat and unhealthy lol

Anyway, if you can’t get TRT and are hellbent… try get a vial of test that doesn’t have any test prop in it… you’ll want a medium/long estered test like test E/C, typically sold as 200-250mg/ml. Start with a dose between 100-200mg weekly, measure TT/FT/lipids/PSA/CBC after 6 weeks. Inject once or twice weekly, doesn’t really matter that much… But if I were you I’d try for the script and then top up if required… what if you go travelling, you can’t bring gear with you (to most countries)… I wonder how IFBB bodybuilders do it… do they just go through customs, not care etc

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I think the thing is he didn’t complete his PCT properly. Maybe he is not hypogonadic and simply still suppressed from his cycle. I’d advise him trying another restart. And certainly not using T400 as he said.

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You didn’t do a pct, of course your test levels are in the tank. Either use gear responsibly or don’t use at all. It’s your body, why would you just be so cavalier with it?

You have absolutely zero business injecting anything into your body. You ran a 15 week cycle with clearly very little knowledge or research done. You didn’t run a PCT, and you are only a couple months past coming off? Your levels just now are probably bottoming out depending on your time line.

Either , A) run a proper pct with nolva, or B) give it 6 months or so and recheck.

Even when I run a PCT my levels are all over the place for 3+ months following the end of pct.


Lots of great things were passed along to the OP. Yet I feel I have to point out the obvious (I might have missed it) thing that should be included with assessment of the next step.

How OLD are you? If you are mid twenties the advise is going to be different vs you are 55.

All that said, yeah you didn’t really perform a PCT. We have all seen the posted plans out there on the net that call for aromasin and sometimes even arimidex. Those are Aromatase Inhibitors and that stops the process of Testosterone and other hormones being broken down into estrogen. Having zero estrogen will make you feel like crap regardless of how much test you have so it is definitely counter productive from that angle during PCT. Now as far as trying to get the HTPA up and in balance, tanking your estrogen is going to most likely work against you.
You need a SERM for PCT. That stands for selective estrogen receptor modulator.

As far as what to do next for you, I think everyone have you good food for thought but you should still tells us how old you are. Seriously if you are late 40s or older then trying to get natural production back just might not be the best choice for you in regards to time, what you can expect and all that. Especially if you compare it with going on trt.

I appreciate all the information provided here, from the knowledge that was given to me from my buddies, I thought I was doing a proper post cycle, but I guess I put to much trust in their information, I will gather more for the 3rd cycles PST

Yes it is… in Aus you typically have to be below 150-175ng/dl before a doc will consider it (gp) for an endo typically anything below 240 is diagnostic criteria

20 or so days after your last shot do tamoxifen 40/40/20/20. (Milligrams per day for four weeks). Stop using anything hormonal. No more HCG, nothing.

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