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T4 to T3 Conversion Suppliment

Last year I had blood work done. My doctor said the test results showed that the conversion of T4 to T3 was not optimal. He suggested that I take a thyroid suppliment to help support liver funtion??. I took the suppliment for a while and didn’t notice anything so stopped taking it.

Now, a year later, and with hitting weights and eating well for almost 3 months, I am having a bitch of a time dropping fat. I have plenty of fat to loose, so just to make it clear, I am not some guy with 9% body fat trying to get to 7%. I am probably in the high 20’s.

Has anyone had any luck with and specific supps for this condition? Any suggestions? Thanks

If your Dr. clears you to use it I would recommend any of the HOT-ROX variations made by Biotest and found here at T-Nation. Read up on HOT-ROX in the T-Nation store.


Selenium is the cofactor in changing T4 to T3. Give that a shot.

Very good advice thus far!!! In addition, post a sample of what you’re eating, and we’ll hit it from that direction, too! (grin)