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t4 compared to t3

Guy’s i was wondering if anyone has experience with t4 and t3 and can compare the two. When taking four times the dose of t4 then t3 is there any difference in effectiveness? I know t4 blood levels build up more slowly. T4 is just so much cheaper that i am wondering if it is really woth it to buy t3.
Also has anyone tried the super low dose regimens of 12,5 micrograms t3 with any succes?

I don’t think t4 is what you want. t3 is active and t4 must be converted to t3 in order to do it’s job. while you’re dieting, part of the reason you get the sluggish dieter’s metabolism is that the enzyme converting t4 to t3 is diminished. Adding t4 does not fix the problem.
I run t-3 at 12.5mcg/day and it is effective for me. Periodically I go up to 25mcg.

T4 is not that useful, stick to the T3

thank’s thats what i needed to know. I’ll spend a few extra bucks.