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T4 Come Off & Recovery Time?

Sup guys, a friend of mine took t4 at high doses (300mcg) for 3 days and decided to quit…

He asked me for help but I don’t really have knowledge about thyroid hormones, but I still did some research and have some questions for you guys…

  • Since t4 half life is 5 days tapering is unnecessary?

  • How long will it take for him to recover his thyroid which was functioning properly?

  • Is there a difference in recovery time between using it for very short amount of time and using it for months?

In order of questions asked:

  1. Tappering is unnecessary if he’s just stopping.
  2. Maybe two weeks? Shouldn’t be much longer than that, but if it ended up being three instead of two it wouldn’t be unusual.
  3. Yes. His natural state wasn’t disrupted for very long, so recovery should be much easier.
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