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T3h Squirr3l's Training Log

-August 19th, 2006-

Cardio/active recovery day

Today I stretched out and ran the following drills, inspired by my old football practices, in circut fashion with the only rest coming in walking back to the start line:

10 yards in-route, 10 yards out-route, 15 in, 15 0ut, 20 in, 20 out; 10 yard crossing route, 15 crossing, 20 crossing; 10 button-hook, 15 button-hook, 20 button hook; 10 yard back-pedal then broke to the left, 10 yard to the right, 15 left/right, 20 left/right; 10 yard lateral shuffle and back, 15 and back and 20 and back & lastly 10 yard carioca and back, 15 and back, 20 and back.

Notes: I hate running sprints all the time so I like to vary up my cardio. Besides, who doesn’t love football ? I am trying to add size and strength but I don’t want to totally destroy my anaerobic capacity, hence cardio twice a week; for now cardio includes wrestling/BJJ but as of November it will be sports, running, cycling et al.

**Formerly I had this stuff under Oly lifting for rodents. Argh, I was impetuous and foolish in my haste. I didn’t realize that learning the lifts would take a proper coach. Duh, shows you how stupid I can be. I still want to learn, but the nearest club is over 11 kilometers away right now. I will get my ass into a club. Count on it. For now, I will keep an athletic-training style. I am considering WSSB.

My new program, until I can hit a gym-proper, will be back/bicep (pulling emphasis), chest/delts/tricep (push) and legs (empahsis on one-legged stuff as I don’t have sufficient weight for back squats/front squats).**

-August 20, 2006-

9:15 AM (Back Thickness/Rear Delts):

5x5 One arm bent rows
1x5x35 lbs
1x5x77.5 (Probably should’ve done 80 lbs)

5x5 1 arm Hang Cleans

1x11, 1x8 Bent lateral raises (holding 10 lb plate)

Notes: Pullups & elbow flexion to come around 7-7:30pm along with core work and neck. Clean weight could’ve been higher perhaps but my form was a bit iffy on a few early reps so I kept the weight set at 40. It felt good to do some heavy rows. Next time, 80 lbs for sure, maybe 82.5 lbs.

August 20th, 2006

Back (width), arm flexion & core/plyo & neck

5x5 Pullups:
1x5 BW
1x5 BW+5lbs
1x5 BW+7.5lbs
1x4 BW+10lbs
1x3 BW+10lbs

1x6, 1x5 one-arm curls w/ 35 lbs

2x thru core circut:
20 good mornings w/35, 20 standing twists w/35 & 20 mule kicks per leg

3x4 lateral jumps

2x20 neck harness 4-way w/ 45 lbs.

August 21, 2006:

Wrestling 1.5 hrs (GPP/Fitness !!)

Notes: Well, I gassed after warm-ups and my wrestling techs were sloppy, but to be expected after a lay-off. Drank OJ + Vanilla Whey during and after practice to maintain weight. Will go back for wednesday BJJ. Tommorow is chest/delts/tris. Good news for me. I can pay a flat yearly fee of 130 bucks to just wrestle :). Beats 1200 a year ! I will wrestle twice a week to keep fit and keep kicking ass.

Weight: 206 lbs…but this was after a big-eating day. I consumed 2000 calories almost before I weighed in before wrasslin. I assume I am 202-203…my waist was 34.75 in the morning. This is a good thing though ! Putting on some muscle !

-August 22, 2006-


5x5 dips
1x5 BW
1x5 BW +5
1x5 BW +10
1x5 BW+15
1x4 BW+17.5

1x5 reps incline one arm bench w/ 30 lbs, 1x4 w/45, 1x9 w/40

5x5 standing one-arm millitary press
1x5 30
1x5 40
1x5 45
1x5 45
1x4 45

1x15 feet-elevated diamond pushups, 1x12

-August 23rd, 2006-

Grappling (1.5 hours)

Notes: I might just go to wrasslin on Thursday. Friday is leg day.

[quote]t3h_Squirr3l wrote:
-August 23rd, 2006-

Grappling (1.5 hours)

Notes: I might just go to wrasslin on Thursday. Friday is leg day. [/quote]

Interesting reading bro.

As you know, I’m current on CW’s BBB and I’ll prolly follow it up with ABBH1&2 (total of 20 weeks all up).

After that, I’m gonna do the WSB4SB program - considering you play football, looks like the perfect program.

Good training!

Justrob, I don’t play football anymore, mate. I used to back in high school for two years. But thank you for the suggestions anyway.

[quote]t3h_Squirr3l wrote:
Justrob, I don’t play football anymore, mate. I used to back in high school for two years. But thank you for the suggestions anyway.[/quote]

Don’t play football either Squirrel, but I’m doing the program because it looks very solid.

Your goals?

-August 24th, 2006-

Leg day/neck/core/plyos

5x5 BW pistols (all ATG)

1x15 Overhead squats w/ 25 lbs, 1x15 w/ 35 and 1x 15 w/ 45 lbs (all ATG)

1x15 One legged deads w/15 lbs, 1x9 w/25

2x15 one-legged seated calf raises w/60 lbs

3x4 Squat jumps

Core/neck circut: neck bridging (forward/back), 100 crunches and 60 second plank.

Notes: Slept 6 hour last night, hence no wrestling. I would be toast halfway through and perform poorly, so no point. I will work on my wrestling on Saturday with a friend of mine. The overhead squats were much too easy, so I will definatley add more weight.

Also, I hate one-leg squats…but I can’t back squat…not enough weight :S. My balance is sort of there…so I only use a chair or a wall to keep my balance and not to push myself up from the hole.

Justrob, I am trying to get bigger and stronger for wrestling/grappling. I was average-weak in terms of strength/power for my weight-class 84 kilograms. Also, I wanna look a bit better naked, can’t deny that lol.

are you a guy?

Yes, I am a guy.

Addendum: Did three sets of GHR w/ BW…got 9, 5 & 4 reps respectively today (August 25th). Much harder than I thought they’d be.

-August 26, 2006-

Wrestling (1 hour, 2-3:05pm)

Played around with deadlift after:

Warmed up with 1x135x6
275x0 (failed to pull the bar 2 times)

I assume I can deadlift, still-leg style, 260-265 for 1 or 2 reps. This was all done without belt or straps.

-August 27th, 2006-

Back thickness/rear delts:

5x5 1-arm rows:
2x6 w/35 (warmup)

1-arm High Pulls 1x35x12, 1x45x11, 1x45x9

Cuban roations 1x15x11, 1x15x9

Notes: Rowing has always been among my best/favourite excersices but I am suprised 2.5 lbs could make such a large difference in terms of reps. It didn’t feel like 2.5, it felt heavier on that set. I will do weighted pullups, arm flexors, neck/core and plyos later.

-August 27, 2006-

Back width/plyo/neck/core/arm flexors

5x5 Neutral grip pullups

Core circut, 3 sets: 20 hyperextensions, 20 twisting leg raises, 20 mule kicks

2x30 lying back extension w/ 12.5 lbs, 1x30 twisting back extenstions w/12.5

1x9x12.5kgs, 1x5x12.5kgs standing one arm cable curls

Plyo circut: 4 squat jumps, 4 lateral hops (over bench) x2

2x20 4-way partner resistence neck lateral motion and flexion

1x27 second hold of 142.5 kgs, 1x9 seconds, 1x11 seconds (used shrug machine)

-August 28th, 2006-

Wrestling today (1.5 hours) !!

Notes: I felt like shit since Thursday since I have a cold. However, I am using a product called Contac with psuedo-ephedrine and acetominiphen in it to clear my sinus congestion and headache and an hour after taking it, it’s working. I will go through the warm-up and technique drilling portion and see how I feel after.

And as an update, things went quite well ! Thank you, Contac !

Weight (before wrestling): 204 lbs

-August 30, 2006-

5x5 Dips
1x" "
1x" "
1x" "

Standing One-arm millitary press
1x" "
1x" "
1x" "

Triceps Pushdown

3x4 Lateral Jumps (over bench)

50,40,30,20,10 Yes/No’s

2x thru circut: 30 back extentions, 30 twisting back extensions, 60 second plank

-August 30, 2006-

Wrestling (1 hour)

-September 1st, 2006-


5x5 Pistols BW (atg)

1x11 Split squats w/25 lbs, 1x13 w/25

1x11 GHR, 1x 6, 1x9

1x15 Standing calf raises w/ 105 kgs, 1x15 w/ 120 kgs

3x4 squat jumps

2x20 manual resistence 4-way neck

Core circut: 2 minute back extension hold, 30 second plank on each side, 30 twisting back extenstions/30 regular extensions, 30 s plank each side

Notes: Balance was fucked on split squats, hence discrepency between reps. I loves GHRs (glue-ham raises).

I don’t mean to sound negative here but…

Every member now has a blog area in thier “My T-Nation” profile. That is the proper place to put training logs.