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T3 use on fat fast?

I’m am currently on a cutting cycle using 300mg/week equipoise, 100mg/day winstrol, clen, and t3. I’ve started dieting down using a conventional balanced diet, but I have decided to switch to the fat fast instead. My question is: will the t3 cause me to lose LBM on the fat fast or will the anabolics be able to preserve it? Should I increase my calories to help retain LBM while on t3? Any suggestions? Thanks for your help bros.

You do realize you’re taking a gram a week of steroids. If you have been dieting for a long period of time take a week off from dieting and then start the fat fast. I did a fat fast and took 25ug a day of T3 and only used androsol and I lost no muscle and lost 12 lbs. in 14 days(I took that measurement several days after I stopped dieting to take into account water loss and gain). So just take a sane amount of T3(I wouldn’t use more than 50ug b/c 25 worked so well for me) and you will have no problems. You can keep using the amount of steroids that you’re using but it is a little unnecessary. Anything else just ask. Good luck.