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T3 & Test


I realize that using T3 to cut fat also poses the risk of excessive muscle wasting (even at low doses). How big an effect does it really have @ say 25mcg / day? Would that low a dose even produce results (fat loss or muscle loss)? Would a TRT dose of Test (100mg/week) be enough to counteract the risk of muscle loss?

Am I way off base here?

I'm just trying to make a plan here, everything is hypothetical at this point.


I cannot comment on the effectiveness of T3 for fat loss, but taking a "TRT" dose of T to prevent muscle loss is just stupid. All it will do is shut down your normal production and replace what you already have. You prevent muscle loss by lifting heavy.


I'm not taking that dose to prevent muscle. I'm taking that does because it is prescribed to my by my doctor.


What is your current body fat and lean body mass?

In answer to your question I have heard varying opinions ranging from 250mg Test per week all the way up to 1200mg. I have not used T3 myself so cannot speak empirically, but when I do use T3 I will run about 750mg Test per week for the six weeks I do so.


Search for posts by Bill Roberts regarding T3. He answered your question perfectly in a thread a month or two old


You remember what it was called?


At 25 mg/day there's no problem with or risk of muscle loss, and there is typically a modest benefit to fat loss.


Would i be risking long term Thyroid problems for a modest benefit to fat loss?


Absolutely not if the duration is something modest like 8 weeks, and at least often not even with quite extended duration. But I can't say for a fact that there is never an issue with longer term use at that dosage.


Bill, what about a dosing schedule like 5on 2off or even 3on 4off, for 16 weeks? Or, 1 week on 1 week off for 16 weeks? Would that be a safer approach than 8 weeks on? Thyroid seems like something that can be used sporadically - t3 isn't something that has to be used for weeks a time for an effect, like steroids.

I've heard the thyroid gland is more fragile than the testes, is this true?

And then, while I have your attention, I have been wondering what you think of a 3on 4off approach to various assorted peptides, to maintain gherlin sensitivity and pituitary health.


What peptides would you be talking about?


There isn't a safety problem with 25 mcg of T3 for 8 weeks, so there is no further safety advantage to using intermittenly during that period. But if you wanted to, you could.

I'm afraid I wouldn't have a basis to say on your proposed cycling approach for peptides affecting the pituitary. Having off days surely can do no harm (except reducing results proportionally) and might do some good, though problems are not apparent, at least yet, with typical cycles that use every-day dosing.


would low dos clen or even albuterol have enough anti catabolic effect to help with any possible muscle loss caused by the T3? Maybe 25mcg of each / day? How would a stack like that compare to the traditional ECA dosed 3 times per day?


There isn't a muscle loss issue at this amount of T3.


I may be insane, but I swear I actually gain better on a cycle if I use 25mg T3.

It may be that it warms me up a little, so I work out harder --- I have to workout in the AM --- I get up, take the T3, put on clothes, drink a cup of coffee, watch TV and get pissed off at the world, chug various Biotest products, then drive to the gym.


By increasing your metabolic rate it would in turn increase the rate of protein synthesis, wouldn't it?


Maybe so. I am not one to speculate.