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T3 Tastes Like Crap


got the liquid T3 from a known source, which I will not list, which I've used many times before.

This time however it tastes like straight up rubbing alcohol and burns like a motherf*cker going down the throat. Don't remember it ever being this harsh before. Did I get a bad batch? discontinue use? Someone plz chime in if you have any info. plz.



7/10, lolz were had. aware.


wait what?


Liquid T3 or T4: just say no.


Why do you say that Bill? Just currious. I suppose the biggest concern is if this stuff is real the dosing could be an issue, given some guy cooks it up in the sink most likely. I'm just thrown off by the strong alcohol taste.


T3 and T4 are unstable. They won't last long in any solution. I can't say exactly what the half-life will be but it won't be too good. Aside from chemical principles and the literature, this is a problem that some have noticed from their products rather clearly doing nothing after a while. I have to admit I did not ever think about this situation till my wife insisted that her product had lost potency and asked me to look into the issue.

Even in the dry form there have been pharmaceutical problems with the stability in some formulations. This is due to iodo being a group that fairly readily leaves a molecule. This occurs much more easily in solution, and particularly if water or alcohol groups are present, which will be the case whether alcohol or propylene glycol is used.


Can that happen with letro as well? What about nolva, and exemestane? It's tougher to know if those drugs are okay just through dosing.


Those should all be okay.


good to know, thanks


i sent you a PM, i noticed it as well on my last order. actually the last order of nolva i got from them tasted off also..


Given Bills input , it explains why my past few orders didnt really do sh*t. Maybe they were shipping expired batches, and given all the negative publicity in the past 2 years they decided to step it up? I'm sure a lot of people got that "soul searching" letter. Maybe not intentionally, but the fact is it didn't work. I wish research companies would mix the sh*t up as its ordered, or sell kits of some sort where we could mix our own batches up for "research" purposes :wink:

It tastes like it has a high alcohol content, why the change, I have no idea. Maybe it has something to do with preserving the stuff longer?

4 days in, 3lbs down, insomnia, sweating A LOT. Maybe its good to go. Weight loss could be from keto diet (which has been very poor and 3 days in), but sweating and other sides probably not.

50mcg/day, tomorrow cutting down to 25mcg for a couple weeks if I can tolerate it.


How long do you plan on using thyroid hormone? Please chime in here Bill, it is my understanding the use of T3 should be careful and the duration not too long (<3-4weeks)


at 12.5mcg I think you can stay for a long time, even at 25mcg but at this point u've probably shut down your thryoid. If thyroid is as forgiving as believed then it really shouldnt be a problem, unless taking large doses. Where more sides could pop up, wasting away, bone weakness etc. But yeah Bill wrote a bunch of stuff on T3, I just can't seem to find the interview and his take on lower doses.

I'm planning on 3-4 weeks at this dose, after that I'll let my thyroid bounce back, and after continue at 12.5mcg as long as I run my Keto diet for. Either that or til I waste away too much muscle lol


Yes, it's exactly as you said: 12.5 mcg/day is enough to still give a significant -- obviously not huge, but significant -- effect but with no detectable effect on thyroid function.

25 mcg/day gives some suppression but only partial. It's not an issue at all if using for some period of time such as 8 weeks.

The muscle loss problems ordinarily come in -- if ever at or below this amount -- when exceeding 50 mcg/day and particularly if exceeding it by a lot, such as with 100 mcg/day. Muscle and strength loss can in some cases be very fast with this.

This being with reference to legitimate pharmaceutical T3 tablets.


Bill, would I have to get off T3 completely for my thyroid to rebound, or can I lower the dosage to 12.5 and keep taking it and would my thyroid rebound at this dosage.


I never examined that protocol but as an estimation I really would expect that to be fine. I'd be astounded if not, really.


Would refrigeration preserve and prolong T3s potency? Is there anything else that could if it is a solution? Other then being pill or powder form.


Yes, refrigeration would help, but only to the extent of (approximately) doubling life for every 10 degree C drop of temperature. Or roughly speaking, extending life by a factor of 4 relative to room temperature.

That might be okay if working with freshly mixed solution, refrigerating immediately, and planning to use in a short period of time.

It might be no help whatsoever with a purchased product that was mixed together who knows when.

If I were mixing it for personal use, I would try it in acetone, and refrigerating that. The desired dose would be dispensed onto, for example, the bottom of a small glass and allowed to dry. Then alcohol could be added and it could be redissolved and taken at that time.


do you think I could take a pre made solution from a research lab and dry it out? then reconstitute with alcohol when its dry? Althought I have no idea wht is in the solution and hot to make it evap. maybeapplying heat? or would that ruin it? I iwsh I had a source for straight powder. I did BalkanP T3 and it did absolutely nothing! and it was pill form. I need to get some powder! and I have no idea where to get. if only sourcing wasnt ILLEGAL on this site


Are we allowed to discuss the mixing procedure of such compounds? How would you use acetone? dump the solution in it and let it evap.? Also lets say I had just the powder, what kindo solvent would you use? what kind of alcohol?