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T3/T4 Combo Pill


Hey everyone, just looking for a quick confirmation. Does legitamate Thyroid medication come in a white, circular tablet that is completely flat (no imprints) on one side, and a cross-top on the other? I wonder, because the quick research I did showed the tablets still in their blister pack, sitting next to the box, and you could see a white circular tablet, but it only had one line going down the center of it... Pictures if necessary


get a small ammount and bang it, see if it does what it's supposed to do. Then order more. I've bought fake shit a few times, or expired T3, as Bill Roberts recently has explained in another forum. Tabs are the way to go because they last longer, if it's not brand name its UG, I suspect brand name would have a stamp. Maybe someone with mroe experience could chime in. Post pics. PM me and I'll tell u if I have dealt with such. I've done a lot of T3 in the past from different suppliers.


One side is flat(no imprints) and the other, as you can see, has a + that runs the length of the tab.


I am concerned instead of real T3/T4 they may be sending ephedra or some kind of amphetamine or benzadrine??


you should be able to tell the difference. Im assuming its from an internet source hence the packaging. Just bang em! A) its a placebo, B) T3/T4 thyroid armor or some shit like that. ephedra/amphetamine will give you jitters. Only way of finding out bud, unless you have a personal friends thats a chemist and can break it down for you :wink:

like I said its a hit or miss...but even with ephedra ull drop fat and speed up metabolism. Throw some caffeine down with it and a baby aspirin and watch your temp rise


also they're scored for dosing. I would imagine theyre 50mcg tabs. break them up. if it was UG or fake I really doubt they would go through the trouble of a pill press. also see if they crumble, roll them around your fingers. they should be rather solid if its the real deal


I don't plan on using thyroid, but if I did it would probably be in combination with gear and clen (maybe not clen, that shit is bad for you). Anyways, this is for someone I know who actually has low thyroid... When you say bang em you mean ingest them orally, right??? I hear 'bang em' and think inject... Am I the only one who thinks this??


^^Yes, I believe he meant orally. Injecting such a compound is not needed.


I can offer that these are NOT U.S. pharmaceutical.

Thyrolar (Liotrix) is the only t3/t4 combination I am aware of, and it looks entirely different. It also does not appear to be Armour, Cytomel, Thyroxine, or similar products made in the U.S.

That being said, it could be an over-seas brand, but likely not Europe, Canada, the UK, Australia, or any developed nation with tight drug controls, as there are no imprints on the pills indicating the drug contained.

I cannot offer what are in these pills, but can only urge using caution if taking them.




yeah , I've read somewhere that clen can enlarge your heart. As far as the T3, depends on the look youre going for, if being enormous means nothing to you and want the more cut look then go for it without AAS. I take the T3 to make sure my metabolism is optimal so I can consume more food.

OP, however you must know what the dosages of those pills are. As far as being scared of taking them, hell the liquid shit from the research companies could be mixed with piss, but we still take it. You just don't know. But we do crazy things in this sport.

If you dont want them send them to me haha and I'll tell u if they work :))


I'm telling you, they are for someone who is hypothyroidal. I would use T3, but not for long amounts of time. I have heard conflicting information, but I recall early on in my research I found information saying that 'healthy' people using T3 can vary abruptly shutdown their thyroid. Once this happens, if it is shutdown long enough, it will atrophy, and it takes a very long time (if ever) for it to grow back once it has shrunk. I would not want to permanently put myself on thyroid drugs...

The doses are 12.5mcg of T3 and 50mcg of T4. Said person is currently taking 4.5mcg of T3 and 19mcg of T4. I finally convinced said person to up their dosage to two of those pills; giving 38mcg of T4 and 9mcg of T3. This person is feeling much better, energy, alertness, increased body temperature (not unsafe or scary). So Dr. Idowhatican is feeling pretty good... :wink:


from what Ive read; thyroid is a forgiving organ. Meaning you could go year round and still rebound withing a couple weeks. 12.5mcg according to Bill is optimal without shutting down your thyroid. 25mcg is a full replacement dose and will shut you down. Anything over 70mcgs per day is useless due to its diminishing effect. At those doses AAS should be a MUST because it will eat up muscle mass. Also bone density...serious shit. I wouldnt even fuck with t4. T3 I believe is faster acting. Like I said I use 25mcg while on cycle to speed up metabolism and consume more food.

just my 2 cents. There is a lot of good info on the use of it somewhere on this forum.


besides I've alaways been a fat kid....sooo maybe T3 is a good thing for me, in limited ammounts ofcourse


The tabs are supposedly turkish in origin. Does this look like what anyone else has had/seen, the ones I have seen have had just one line down the center...