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T3 Safe For a 19 Year Old?


Hey everyone, i'm thinking about taking some T3 (a test booster) and I'm wondering if this supplement is safe for someone at the age of 19. Any advice would be appreciated, as I'm kind of on the fence here!


I don't know whether it's safe, or if it even works, but I think you'd get more out of something like Carbolin 19.


If you're looking for a testosterone booster, why wouldn't you try Alpha Male or RED KAT?


I've used it and thought it worked great. Its got everything but the kitchen sink thrown in, give it a shot.


I could be wrong but doesn't T3 have something to do with the thyroid and not testosterone?(tried googling it, all I got was electronics and Terminator).

As for if it's safe...probably but at nineteen years old you shouldn't need it. Your hormones should be running wild at this age and if they are any excess could cause gyno, acne, etc. (again not one-hundred percent sure).

Go to your doctor and get your test. checked first.


The kitchen sink approach to designing supplements often is an indication that something isn't worth taking b/c even though there's "lots of good stuff" in a product manufacturers don't put high enough dosages of anything in it for users to see results. In other words, it's simply a marketing gimmick designed to fool newbies into buying their stuff.


Or it could be a case of a company putting a wide variety of proven supps into one formula. The label claims indicate dosages competitive with similar products, and I can vouch for its effectiveness. We aren't talking Hot Stuff here.


I don't know if there is some new brand called T3, but real T3 (Cytomel) is a thyroid hormone used for burning fat (nothing to do with test). It works, but the catch is that if you dose it wrong your thyroid can become damaged and you will be dependent on the drug for the rest of your life. Since it isn't something you can get OTC, you may not want to do that.


No no, were referring to a supplement of the same name.


T3 is a testosterone boosting supplement found in local health food stores like GNC. It runs at about 79.99 for a 23 day supply I believe.

Main Ingredients do include Tribulus and Eurycoma

I use to work there and sell that shit and can you believe Alpha Male is 30bucks cheaper O.o!


Oh. Never heard of it, but from what the other poster said it sounds a bit pricey to me.