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T3 protocols....

I want to hear about your t3 “cycles”. How long were they and did you feel a crash in metabolism when you stopped? How were your results? What is the SAFEST way out there to run the T3/clen cycle? Thanks boys.

most t3 you will get comes in 20mcg tabs. this is what i do. total of 6 weeks on. start with 20 or 40mcg of t3/ed. increase as you feel the need, 20mcg E3D until you’ve reached your optimal dosage. i wont go past 120mcg/ed which is on the upper end of normal for t3 usage. remember to ramp back down the same way as you went up when coming off. your natural t3 production is not like test where we can manipulate it into starting again. it has to occur on its own which ramping will allow. now for stacking. i use a 2 week on/off clen/eca protocol. clen dosing is about 100mcg/ed (again on the upper end). eca is obvious. there is no question this protocol burns everything in site. unfortunately that means some lbm too.