T3 Problems Help

Thyrotropin [TSH] 2,20 × 10-3 IU/L 0,65 - 4,80
Thyroxin [T4] 78 nmol/L 70 - 140
Triiodthyronin [T3] 1,1 nmol/L 1,4 - 2,8

TSH should be closer to 1.0
T4=78 should be near midrange=10.5
T3=1.2 should be near midrange=2.1

You have a major thyroid problem.
The lab ranges make it so doctors say that you are normal.

DHEA-S should be high in a young male.
Can you get DHEA as a supplement? Probably not.
Where are you located?

DHEA possibly low because total cholesterol is low which would also lower pregnenolone. Cholesterol is the foundation for making steroid hormones, and Vit-D3.

Im from scandinavia so cant really get DHEA

You say I have a major thyroidproblem but I really dont know what to do about it, also as you see my T is low. Im so confused and frustrated that the doc wont help!

E2 is from FT–>E2

E2 is low, implying that average FT is quite low, or you have low ability for FT–>E2.

T is released in pulses so blood levels change by the hour. A lab is FT at a moment in time. Average FT may be lower that FT=0.34

Increasing DHEA may increase T if production rate of T was limited by available DHEA. DHEA is made in the adrenals, so problem might be there. Can you find a lab range for adrenal hormone Kortisol? I think that Kortisol=4pp nmol/L is a good strong number which suggests adrenals are good to some extent.


If body temps are actually good, your thyroid numbers are a strange problem. As fT3 is the active hormone that is part of the body’s temperature control loop, fT3 would be interesting if available. But doctor will not test… as you do not have a disease. Please check body temperature again sometimes. Is there someone else who gets 37C with your thermometer in the afternoon?

Does your thyroid appear enlarged?
Doctor feels your thyroid?

Are you exposed to bromine chemicals?

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Kortisol lab ranges is 07:00 -:10:00 AM is 170-530nmol/l,4-8PM its 60-320nmol/l. I got tested around 2PM soo its possibly too high with a 400nmol/l right?

How can i get exposed to bromine? not quite sure what you mean?

not sure whether my thyroid is enlarged, will ask my doc to check that, he hasnt even touched the thyroid or tryied to feel it.

Can i take dhea without taking any ai and serm? and for how long would you recommend taking it before getting bloods again?

DHEA is not an anabolic steroid and only converts to T via enzymes under HPTA control. Nothing typically needed for management.

Bromines can displace iodine in the body. Bromines are in some medications, fire retardants etc.

okay so its safe to try supplementing with DHEA and you think it might help? Also thought of supplementing with ashwagandha, you think it will help too?

Also what do you think of my Kortisol with the ranges?

Im not exposed to Bromine I guess,

Btw my temperature equipment seems to be broken…so maybe my temps arent normal…will buy a new one very soon and check again!

I do not work with herbals.

Low DHEA is not good. Try it.

Kortisol might be OK. If stressed by the blood work, Kortisol might increase. If Kortisol is low, it slows down your body. Watch in future to see if it stays high.

okay thank you! So lower kortisol might be a bad thing actually?

Will update once I got new body temps checked

So my Doc advised me NOT to take DHEA, says it wont do anything good even tho my levels are that low.

I know a doctor tho, who isnt working as a doctor but might be able to prescribe me some to restart HPTA. Should I try to go that route or you think DHEA might be enough?

Got a doctor who may want to try to give me some clomid for HPTA restart, I suggested tamoxifen but he insists on using clomid since he says it has a lot more data behind it? Also he will not put me on any AI or anything but just clomid???

Also Ordering dhea now, should I order DHEA or 7-keto?

Increasing DHEA may increase T if production rate of T was limited by available DHEA. Needs to be DHEA, 7-keto cannot support DHEA–>T inside the testes.

Tamoxifen does the same thing. When it came on the scene, there was no need to repeat the clinical trials and publish papers to demonstrate how the HPTA responds when estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus are blocked from seeing some of the estrogens [dose dependent]. Meanwhile, the guys who are sensitive to Clomid feel like shit.

Data is not medicine, apparently deductive reasoning and critical thought are not either.

thx for the reply!

Yeh I read the stickies and actually suggested tamoxifen instead of clomiphene, but the doc dont like tamoxifen so only option is clomiphene.

You think it will be worth a shot? Maybe just starting 25mg EOD?

Also If I start clomiphene, what bloodwork would should I get other than LH,FSH,total T?

It is all in the HPTA restart sticky along with decision tree/points with criteria to proceed or abandon.

The sticky doesnt say how much clomid you would do, only that you pred 20mg nolva? My doc only wants to do clomid, would it be the best to do 12.5mg ED of 25mgED?

so been on clomid 25mg eod for almost 2 months now. I dont feel any improvement so far. I started to get a little gyno I think tho - nipples are not tender and doesnt hurt but I feel a lump under the nipple I think.

Also I dont feel any stronger neither has it improved my energy.

5 weeks in I began to feel better, but it only lasted a week or so and then I felt lethargy and weak.

Østradiol < 0,02 nmol/L this was before I started.

Could you help me please

Would really appreciate your thoughts m8

Some nipple/breast tissue reactions are transient as there can be reactions to rate of change as well as absolute levels.

Dose seems OK. Did not wreck your mood? - then good to go.

Time to see what is happening. I suggested what labs to use in the HPTA restart sticky, please revisit that for a refresh.

Thx for you answer! Will get those bloods asap. Also no need to check shbg and prolactin? Prefer not to do too many labs tho since they are quite expensive in my country

We have indications that you do not have a prolactin secreting adinoma. There is not need to repeat that lab. [some meds can increase prolactin]

With TT, fT and E2 there is little need for SHBG. Many never test SHBG. From those other labs we can infer/suspect SHBG issues if they occur. I don’t think that I have ever had SHBG labs done in 11 years if TRT.

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okay thank you! will get back to you with bloods