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Im suffereing from low t3 + low t4…my TSH is in the higher end tho still in normal range. Could some1 help me how to increase my t3?

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Eval overall thyroid function by checking your oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

Your stated concern could be from low iodine intake.
What is your history of using iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium?

Please provide lab results in list form with ranges.

Does your vitamin list iodine or selenium?
Do you use iodized salt?
Do not expect to get much iodine in your food, that does not work.

What time of day were your labs done?

TSH should be nearer to 1.0, the lab ranges are not useful.
T4 should be near midrange [11.5] and is low.
T3 should be near midrange[ 2.1] and is low.

E2 is low because T is low.
T is low because LH is low. This is secondary hypogonadism.
Prolactin is OK, you do not have a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma.
Blows to the head, or whiplash in an auto accident, can damage the pituitary.

We see a pattern of low thyroid function and low-T with many guys in this forum.

Really need the oral body temperatures that I requested to better understand your thyroid function.

Do you get cold easier now?
Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Dry skin?
General hair thinning?

Your T3 could be low from an iodine deficiency. Please provide requested information.

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When did you start that multi a day containing 55 μg selenium and 150 μg iodine?

You have an inability to tell me if you have ever used iodized salt, need history of that.
Ditto oral body temps - quite important

If body temps are low, it is thyroid function.
Otherwise, hands may be cold from impaired circulation.
Skin on hands dry?
Pinch up skin on back of hand, does it recover quickly?
Are your fingernails brittle?

Body temp is normal, so hand may be cold from impaired circulation as you said.
Skin on hands is dry, but they recover quickly.
Fingernail are also normal

Problem is that I do not know what normal body temp means to you.

Your body temp is 97.7+ in AM and you hit 98.6 mid-afternoon?

body temp is 36,6C so around 97.8fahrenheit in the morning havent measured in the evening tho

also im getting a lot of vegetables and broccoli etc…can you get to many of these (since they contain goitrogens)?

So you think you can figure out whats up? Or is this too complicated for you to discuss on a forum really? I much appreciate that you take you time!

Please some1 have any input

Mid-afternoon body temps?
Need both.

History of using iodize salt - to support thyroid hormone production?

When did you start that multi a day containing 55 μg selenium and 150 μg iodine?

I am expecting a lot more info about you after you read the stickies.

You are holding up this process.

Took my bodytemp in the morning and mid-afternoon. Today it was 97.9 in the morning and 98,4 ub the mid-afternoon…

Been using iodized salt and multi for more than 10+ years

Not sure if usefull but I feel
Tired all the time
Libido is low
Still not able to grow a beard (only very little above my lips) All in my familymembers especially my dad have very good hair genitics and can grow full beard and good hair linings etc…

Have you had AM cortisol tested, ideally at 8AM.

Other issues connected to low T.

Am Cortisol is 400nnmol/l ranges is 120-500

Got all the symptoms for low t…depression, low sex drive, low and water sperm,

Got anything man?


I do not know where this thread is going.

You ask about low-T, but T labs are not here.

Cortisol seems high.

If iodine intake is adequate, not sure why your labs are that way with reported oral body temperatures.

Started a new thread would appreciate if you could tune in!

New thread is not good.
a NEW thread with a link here would be good

Im a 22 year old male who suffer from some low t and low thyroid symptoms

Very low libido and sperm count
Tired all the time
Fatigue really fast
Very easy to get stressed
Cant concentrate for too long

Been using iodized salt for many many years…taking a multi + b complex , multi contains recommended daily dose of iodine+selenium

Bodytemps are normal so are eyebrows

Kortisol 400 nmol/L
Parathyrin [PTH] 2,6 pmol/L 1,1 - 7,1
Prolaktin 174 × 10-3 IU/L 40 - 400
Testosteron 10 nmol/L 8,6 - 29
Thyrotropin [TSH] 2,20 × 10-3 IU/L 0,65 - 4,80
Thyroxin [T4] 78 nmol/L 70 - 140
Triiodthyronin [T3] 1,1 nmol/L 1,4 - 2,8
Østradiol < 0,02 nmol/L
17-Hydroxyprogesteron 2,09 nmol/L < 8,00
Androstendion 2,00 nmol/L 1,70 - 6,90
Dehydroepiandrosteronsulf.[DHEAS] 2,29 µmol/L 3,00 - 12,0
Follitropin [FSH] 5,4 IU/L < 11,0
Lutropin [LH] 2,5 IU/L 1,7 - 8,6
SHBG 32 nmol/L 10 - 57
Testosteron free0,3404 nmol/L 0,2400 - 0,6900

Been to the doc who says he wont do anything. He says its not a disease so it cant be cured…could some1 please help!