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T3 or Metformin stimulating faster ketosis?

Hey guys to days ago I began takink 500mg 3xday of metformin and 25mcg of T3. I noticed I got into ketosis much faster than usual. I’m wondering which of these meds is the cause…I guess another way to put it is which one of these would start actively effecting your internal physiology after only two days of intake?

It would be the metformin. Helping get into Ketosis seems to be the most effective BB use of the compound so far. While some guys use a little insulin to kick into ketosis, the metformin works just as well and is much much safer for that purpose. Now if only metformin could work as well as insulin for postworkout carb loading…

I’m not out to preach to you or anything bro but don’t you think it would be a good idea to know even a little bit about the stuff you’re taking? Sounds like you’re like a kid in a candy store…No offense but hey, think before you act ok?

TL, I know plenty about these meds. Both can sweep you into ketosis through two different methods. The T3 via an upregulation of your metabolism and Metformin through decreased output of hepatic glucose. In fact both also act rather quickly to impact your internal physiology. I just wasn’t sure which may be acting more acutely. In hind sight the mistake I made was taking both at the same time but that is in retrospect. I knew plenty about these meds before I took them…I just thought it would be a redundant self indulegent act to type out my knowledge base before posting a question. Correct me if I am wrong but I didn’t think this forum was a stage for mental masturbation and Ph D. candidacy, but rather just an opportunity for people with similar interests to simply “shoot the shit”.

So JJ, you can shoot the shit both with your 22 and your 9 when you must? :slight_smile: