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T3 or Clen

Should I add some T3 or Clenbuterol to my tren/test prop cycle during the last few weeks to help in some excess fat loss?

how about, just reducing your carb intake, and increasing your cardio.

supposedly tren makes your tire fast and im using it so…

Tren never made me tired. In fact it gives me insomnia sometimes and I notice a definite decreased in the need for sleep as well as an increased drive/some agression. How about following p22’s advice and saving some clen (if you’ve already got it) for your pct as an anti-catabolic and to help keep fat off/lose a little bit you might have gained while keeping your calories up after your cycle. As for t3 I don’t know much about it. I’ve used trimax before and to be honest don’t like it.

Tren in itself is a really good fat burner. I could see using the clen and t3 if you were dieting for a show, and needed that extra little bit, but There are risks attatched to the use of both, that goes beyone steroid use. Avoid it if you can.

thanks guys ill throw the clen idea out the window and up my cardio and eat clean

save the clen for after your pct

i’d run the T3 while your on the sauce to prevent muscle loss as it is very catabolic.