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T3 Only + TRT. Feeling Amazing, but SHBG Concerns

I posted this thread a few weeks back after my first set of bloodwork on TRT.

At the time, I was taking Naturethroid (a T4 + T3 combo). After doing some research, I’ve switched to T3 treatment only. Every remaining problem that TRT had not corrected is now feeling astronomicaly better. My anxiety is gone. Nada. My energy levels feel like they did in highschool. My libido is increasing every day. My digestion is perfect. My temperature has reached 98.6 for the first time in YEARS. I could continue with the list of benefits.

However, my SHBG has always been astronomically high. (55-70 range before starting TRT). This consequently left with me with low free testosterone which was what led me to TRT in the first place. My first set of TRT bloodwork showed my free test just at the top of the range (27 on a scale of 9-26). This was perfect, although i was surprised it wasn’t higher considering my TRT dose is 200 mg/week + 1000 IUs HCG/week.

Now that I’ve begun T3 only treatment, I’m concerned about the massive amount of studies and personal experiences that I’m reading that indicate T3 significantly RAISES SHBG production by the liver.

My ability to gain muscle and strength has slowed down in the last few weeks since starting T3 and almost seems to be reversing. Strength and muscle loss is the ONLY side effect I’m experiencing with T3. Otherwise, it has fixed every other problem was dealing with.

I’m curious if anyone else struggling with high SHBG has found that T3 negatively impacted their free testosterone/SHBG? How did you deal with it?

What is your current T3 protocol? Example: 5mcg three times per day.

You need to test for current SHBG otherwise there is no way of knowing if it is increasing or not. You also need to test for Free T3 because if this is in normal range I can tell you for certain that an increasing SHBG is not from the T3.

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