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T3, Masterone and Test Cycle

My next cycle I’m thinking of taking T3, 400mg Masterone EW, and 500mg Test Enth ew. Oh yeah 4 units HGH - Any advice on T3 doses and lenght of time to stay on it. I’ve read a ton on it but have never taken it - wanted to hear from you guys and your experience. Probably gonna throw some Anavar in there. Any thoughts??? BTW I’m 34, 5’9" 195 lbs, 8% bf, on hormone replacement from Dr. 200mg Test Cyp, and 4 units a day growth - - Looking to get freaky ripped hence the T3

Can I have your doctors number?

HaHa she’s a trip - 6’1", I think she says she competes at 245lbs - - her husband … forget about it - he’s a monster both very nice people