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T3, Liothyronine Sodium Half Life?

Hey folks,

Quick question. What’s the half life of liothyronine sodium? Wiki shows 2.5 days.

I’ve read often in forums: 7 hours or 24. Maybe it’s for another drug. I’m from Europe and got from the pharmacy liothyronine sodium which is the manufactured form of t3 used for hypothyroidism.

I want to be sure with the half life so I can dose correctly.

Can I go with the 2.5 days?

So if 2.5 days is right why people are splitting the dosage?


i have no idea about the half life, but

people split dosages on stuff to lower side effects and to get more steady levels of medicine/drugs/steroids/whatnot…
test E half life is 5 days but almost no one pins test E once every 5 days… its the best to pin all the shit ED or EOD or E3D…

as far as orals go, something with a longer HL i would still take at least once a day.

To have steady levels i need to know the half life. And when it’s true that it’s 2.5 days for t3, dosing ed 25mcg, would lead to much higher concentrations after a week, I would want to have with the 25mcg.


For T3 it’s around 3 days yes. T4 is 7 days.

I’d still take it every day since T3 has a very small therapeutic window and needs stable concentrations. If you want less in the blood stream, lower the amount you take ED.

Thanks guys I think it comes down to trying it for myself