T3 (Liothyronine) Hair Loss

I started taking Liothyronine end of July start of August. Prior to taking my T3 was 74 (range 80-200), Free T3 was 2.3 (range 2.3-4.2) and my RT3 was 29 (range 0-25). Also my Iron and Ferritin were low. Took 30mcg daily for 8 weeks along with a liquid iron supp and got retested.

Iron was still low, Total T3 84 (range 80-200), Free T3 2.7 (range 2.3-4.2), RT3 9 (range 0-25).

I was still feeling crummy so Dr. had me upping my dose 5mcg every 10 days until I reach 60mcg. Then stay their for 6 weeks and get retested. If total is in the upper range he wants me to do the same exact thing but in reverse. After doing this a few times he said typically the body is more responsive to T3 in his experiences and a lot of his patients were able to use a lower dose than their initial starting dose.

I have been losing massive amounts of hair since starting T3 (my hair was already thinning probably due to low T3). I have read and heard that is a common symptom that can last up to 6 months. But I have found no person who has said their hair grew back. I am wondering if anyone has experience using T3 and if so did you lose your hair, did it come back, what else did you experience good and bad etc.

Currently I feel the best I have in a long time (I am up to 55mcg), sex drive is finally back (it did not even come back all that much starting HRT) but the hair loss is very disturbing to me.

Here’s what I did for iron and got my levels up within 4 months.

Twice daily
1 hour before or 2 hours after coffee or food

106mg elemental iron (1 pill)
Vitamin C 1000mg
L-lysine 1300mg

Read the Amazon reviews for that specific iron. Many people with hair-loss issues use it with success.

Great thank you! Much appreciated.

So your initial dose was 30mcg?
What are your levels with 55mcg? Especially FT3 , FT4 and RT3?

Since your RT3 dropped to 9 with 30mcg , didn’t your doctor suggest to add T4 or just go straight with NDT?

I do not know my levels currently. I am sticking at 60mcg for 6 weeks (5 more to go) then retesting. Initial dose was 30mcg. Went up to 40 stayed there and got retested. A

fter that my labs my levels went to
Free T4 3.5
TSH .414
Free T3 2.7
RT3 9
T3 84

Dr would like my total T3 to be at the upper range as my lab range is 80-200 so even with T3 at 40mcg it went up but not a ton.

I think 50-55 mcg may be best for me but sticking at 60 for the 6 weeks as well as get iron/ferritin and all the normal hormonal and blood labs done.

I have read that hair loss can occur for up to 6 months when starting Liothyronine and I started it end of July start of August so I still have quite some time to wait it out to see if it will regrow.

Are you using only T3 or also T4?

Total T3 is not important.

It is only FT3 and FT4 (if you take T4) that are important and your FT3 values are horrible.

I can guarantee you that 50-55 mcg of T3 will not be near enough for you to be optimal. Most men with hypothyroidism needs between 60 - 100 mcg.

And you know right you only need to wait 5-7 days after increasing your T3 to see if your new dose is correct and not 6 weeks?

How low were your iron and ferritin levels?

And have you tested your cortisol levels?

What were your iron levels before starting the supplements and afterwards?

And how fast did it take for them to rise and for you to notice any difference?

I’ll post them tomorrow. Took 3 months of supplementing Iron, vit C and L-lysine.

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Let me know.

And did it also take 3 months to feel better or did that come earlier?

I have some seriously low iron levels and I just started with iron supplements + vitamin c + lactoferrin and etc, a couple of days ago. Hoping to feel better soon with this extreme fatigue I have.

My levels are posted here somewhere.

1300mg of L-lysine made the biggest difference in raising my iron levels.

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Just T3.

Iron was 63 (range 59-158) so def too low
Ferritin 25 (range 30-400)

I got to 60 but decreased to 50 a couple days ago. I was suffering from too much muscle loss and my hair that was thinning got very dry and brittle so I think 60mcg could be a little too high.

And Cortisol I can’t remember what it was at the moment but it was pretty much fine when I last tested in June.

I replied my last iron level with supplementing…prior with no supplementation Iron was 91 and Ferritin was 30. Lol so supplementing did not help as those numbers got even worse after supplementing.

Why is your Ferritin low? Have you been donating blood? Internal bleeding?
If the cause is unknown, I highly recommend you get tested for H. Pylori infection.
Look it up; I was sick for years before a doctor tested me for it. I also had unexplained hair loss, low energy, fat gain, muscle loss.My Ferritin was also below 30.

Thyroid meds will only tax your body even more. Your cortisol output will diminish once your body can no longer mount an immune response to the H. Pylori (Or other infection). The thyroid meds will stop working and you will get fatter and lose more muscle without sufficient cortisol.

Also, iron supplementation will only make your situation worse if you have H. Pyolori or other bacterial infection as they feed on iron. This is what causes Ferritin depletion.

I donate blood every 8 weeks so maybe that is the reason?

It is not H. Pylori as I have no digestive issues what so ever although been trying to figure out for 8 plus years what exactly is going on. The Drs keep saying it is some type of autoimmune issue but they are not sure what.

Why are you donating every 8 weeks? Have you done a recent CBC? Post it please.
Your Iron loss will never be resolved if you continue donating blood. I advise against oral iron supplementation as it is damaging to the intestines/body via free radical production. I do recommend you see a Hematologist and request an IV infusion of iron. They normally use Ferumoxytol. Or, you can go to a Naturopath that offers IV services and they normally do iron sucrose for IV.