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Hey Guys,

Once again you guys are more knowledgeable than me does anyone see in potential problems with running 1000 mg SR of Glucophage PW with a 12.5 MG-25 MG taper up (morning of course) of Cytomel? I still have some Letro and Prami possibly in my system from a PCT (be gentle I know its alot of shit). Throw ideas at me guys I’m all ears:

Current Stats:
9-10% BF

Never run T3 without a pretty serious amount of steroids, it will eat your shit.

NEVER EVER in the PCT or right after you finish the PCT, it will eat ALL of your shit.

Emphasis on ALL.
And then your throwing in metformin just for kicks…

Wait till your next cycle, run your gear, run your T3 and meformin at moderate doses, do a proper cut, keep nearly all your muscle, get lean as balls and be happy.

Dont get greedy and impatient and waste everything.