T3 Dose Before a Show

hey guys i have a question for a friend of mine. hes a few weeks out from his 3rd show that hes been dieting for several months now both of us have used t3 before shows at the typical 25x3,50x3,75x3,100x2,75x3,50x3,25x3 (mcg)taper.

as seen each dose is bumped up by 25 mcg, would there be a difference if for say he went 25,37.5,50,62.5,75x2,87.5x2,100,100 then taper down in the same pattern…?or any other recomended patterns?

Your dose dosn’t have to be that high. That is really high IMO. 50mcg is all I would use. Anyways peak dose should peak at the contest and taper it off after wards.

You shouldn’t worry about t3 untill you are 4-6 weeks out from the show.

Dieting and cardio should be the foundation of your fat loss, and t3 just part of the icing on the cake.