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Ok… I wanna hear a really good reason why to taper t3… up and down… i mean, maybe a tapering on start would be ok… so u can feel how much is enough for u… but thats all!.. i mean, it has a short half-life, and anything above 12.5mcg’s ed would shut down natural production. as we know, the half-life isn’t dose dependent, so WHY TAPER DOWN?!

why not start at 25… 50… 75…75… 75… 75… for 4-6wks and then just come off… maybe take some thyroid support supplementation, whose effectiveness is debatable, but no harm will come. and we know that the thyroid gland is VERY good at restoring its function… (there has been studies where the thyroid restores it’s full function quickly after YEARS of t3 therapy…)
so once u find ur sweet spot… the next cycle would be 50 or 75mcg’s from start to finish… end of story…

b.t.w doesn’t this looks to u like the ooold-school tapering with anabolics, where bb’s thought it was a must, and yet, we all know it was BS!

now your turn…

any input?

Youre 6’5 182lb why the hell are you taking ANY Performance enhancers let alone a Fat loss supplement!

Put a bit of time and research into thyroid hormones and then you would in fact realize why you cant just stop them immediately.

Run 100 mcg for a while like the 6 weeks you speak of and then stop with no taper and see what happens just for fun.

Just so that everyone else realizes the fact that my last comment was in fact as sarcastic as can be I am writing this as well. I do not suggest anyone follow a protocol such as that.

Actually, just to stir the pot a little bit, Patrick Arnold says he sees no need to taper down off of T3 due to the long half-life. Guy knows more about chemistry than just about anyone… just food for thought. I’ll see if I can link the direct quote, it’s in his Q & A thread on Muscular Development.

i never wrote anywhere that I am gonna take T3, nor that i need to… Is there harm when discussing things?! i just wanna challenge the taper protocol…

What is the dosing protocol for dessicated thyroid (armour thyroid)? I ask because my blood tests are saying I am heading towards hypothyroidism (TSH levels have been creeping further and further up). I already feel like shit, exhibiting many of the symptoms, but the doc doesn’t want to play ball.

For Armour Thyroid try starting at 30mg/d. Gauge how your body reacts. If it is too much, your mind will start racing and you’ll be impatient. You may experience palpitations. This means lower dose immediately. If you feel better and more energetic, the dose is good. You can increase dose by 30mg to 60mg/d if 30 has little effect on you. Again gauge effects and lower dose if necessary.

My thyroid blood levels fall within the ref range (prior to armour), yet I take 60mg/d at my doctor’s suggestion and I don’t get any negative effects.

ok my view on this…and no im not a vet or expert…only from months of reading…and using T3 myself…some people are on 100mcgs or more a day from there dr,(yes they needed it)…
many many top people say no need to taper…Im like 50/50 on it…my own ENDO told me,the tyroid will respond and go back to normal after a cycle.is he right…some say yes…some no,all I know is I did few cycles liquid…stopped…no taper…felt fine…no probs at all…but a few months later…Im HYPERTHYROID,(GRAVES DISEASE)…did this happen from the T3 ?

I have thoughts…cause I did feel fine when I stopped…and my dr,who I trust…asked me right out,havbe you taken T3 ,I said yes…he said when did you stop,I said a few months ago…he said it is not from that…make up your own mind…just some thoughts here…you should have seen his face when I asked…hey…can I use any stimulints…lol just my 2 cents…

Not everyone has the same sensitivity to thyroid. Those who have abnormally low sensitivity need higher doses, and so, medically, not everyone receives the same dose.

For bb’ing most should not take 100 mcg/day. I would say the great majority should not.

Medically, that is not a routine dose. Are you sure you don’t mean T4? There probably are some cases of 100 mcg/day T3 as I have heard of 80 mcg/day and 100 is not that drastically higher, but it would have to be rare.

well…no I seen high does ,but you are correct…so hope I did not send the wrong message…I know 1 dr.put a kid on 12.5 mcgs a day for life…he barely needed it…but I agree with you…so whats your opinon,about my case… ?
Im not sure how this affects me with my training…othe then ,he said NO STIMULINTS…