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Hey guys,

First post, I have been reading around for a while though.

I started T3, third day at 25 mcg. Was planning on going for 50 mcg for 4 weeks (slight ramp up and down). Goal is currently fat loss alone, 28 years old, about 174 lbs and 11-12% body fat.

However, I really feel like crap. I would have trouble explaining how tired it makes me.

Two questions:

  • Is being this tired normal on T3? Will it pass?
  • My diet and training are basically perfect and have been for a while. Fat loss is working, but is beginning to be rough and slower. How much of a difference does T3 make? If we're talking about a 10-20 % difference, I don't think it's worth it (being so tired, and hungry, is going to slow down the fat loss by more than 10-20 % anyways).

Thanks guys,



For doses past 12.5 mcg/day, T3 dosing should be split to at least twice per day.

If you're taking it all at one time, then you're taking just as much a time as a person on 50 mcg/day dosing, and because the duration of action is short, you can experience side effects associated more commonly with 50 mcg/day dosing.

If it's 25 mcg as a split dose, your side effects are unusual.


Thanks. Yeah, split dose... I've seen this side effect pop up a few times while reading through various forums. No one has followed up on it though, hard to tell if it's something that will pass or not. I'm thinking of stopping. Kind of curious to know the potential of T3 though.


what kind of workouts do you do?

i have a buddy that does crossfit stuff, and he was smoked on T3. i presumed it had to do with the heavy met-con type training...


With split does then I guess it comes down either to individual response, or if a research chemical, a misdosed product.

Basically, if it really is only 25 mcg per day and is giving you these problems, it's just not worth taking for the amount of beneficial effect it would be likely to have.


Yeah, research... Not pharmaceutical grade... I'm going to do today and tomorrow split and throw it if it doesn't pass.



I have actually stopped crossfit and olympic lifting for my cut, is was taking too much out of me. Basic 3x per week 5x5 program and some cardio. Calorie deficit isn't very high, though the t3 plays here, hard to day how much. Macros are good. Sleep is good, work slower than usual, I'm pretty sure I can isolate the fatigue to the t3.

Kind of surprised, most reviews I read mentioned more energy and anxiousness, not less.


I know this topic is a little bit old, but I could not leave this bullshit continue. If it is pharma grade, it will work... if not, you could increase a little bit more until you feel some sides. You can see if it is working by measuring temperature, you must be hotter (kk)... 25mcg dont do nothing, almost substitute your own production if you are normal... you'll start to feel it by using 75mcg to 100mcg... then you need to encrease your protein intake, mainly the protein... if you dont eat sufficient protein you'll disappear! I did 250mcg once, every day, spliting 100mcg at the middle of the night and splitting at 25mcg when I feel like a should be taking... I feel great on t3... man, 25mcg dont do nothing, you are not normal if you feel something on 25mcg, sorry, this is the truth. On 100mcg to 150mcg you'll burn fat and add some lean mass if ON steroids and EATING RIGHT, HIGH, HIGH PROTEIN!


Theres no way you took 250mcg of pharma t3. If so, youre just retarded


yeah, you're a moron.

unless you don't have a thyroid gland anymore, 250 mcg of T3 is gonna wreck most people.

there is plenty of evidence that 75-100 mcg is extremely effective, and even that can lead to some loss in LBM.




No, no... I'm nor retard man... don't talk like this man... no Offences here! Listen, I'm on 200mcg right now, pharma grade, plus 60mg ephedrine, doing this for 1 month... no sides man. If you want to go by studies, go, go read a book, I'm experimenting and telling you. I'm no liar. I'm holding 220 lbs with 8% bf... this pic you see of me, is 4 years agoooooooo... i'm bigger! kkk... you are lucky for having me telling you my experience.




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Man, I'm working in a different city right now, and writing from there. I have no access to my pics here or putting something on the computer like a camera, or pen drive, this is my work and I don't want to risk my job. I need to buy steroids and hgh kkk. But this weekend, just for fun and for update my status here, I'll put a new pic... this picture is here because I started to use this forum this weekend. I already had the login since 2013, but never used before. But, wait and you'll be surprised!
Never call someone retard, don't do it man... this forum it's made for discussion. Shame on you.

T3, I really don't why people are so afraid of this drug... I think the most fearful are the one who never used before. The only side, if you want to consider a side effect from this drug on higher dose, is to shit twice or three times than you normally do. T3, nothing to be afraid if know how do eat while using it. On 150mcg or Higher dose, a 200lbs bodybuilder need to eat something around 500 to 600g protein/ day to keep or gain muscle. Of course carbs and fat are important but, mainly protein need to be HIGH.


seriously, quit spewing this idiotic nonsense about T3.

a lot of us here have used it, and i've even posted clinical data showing that some loss in LBM does occur at doses HALF what you're talking about.

either you're talking about T4 (and not T3), or you have no natural thyroid activity.


ohh God! loss LBM using 150mcg T3 + tren ace + test + bold or primo + HGH plus eating 500 to 600g protein/ day, NOOOOOOOOO... no loss, no loss... man... I just said, I did it using ephedrine or clen for a while... no loss. Put in your head, this higher dose is for cutting, no need 150mcg or more, for bulking or ... afff... dont wanna do it anymore... feel like talking to walls. T4 I used 300 to 400mcg before... 150mcg you need to be ON some steroids and eat very high protein, no loss... do it and tell me.
Thats enought... im off. Just trying to help you guys with something I know for fact, not reading... I do respect you if you are afraid if T3, it's not for kids, you need understand what I said.


seriously, quite spewing nonsense here.

go back over to Elitfitness...


Just trying to help with things I know for fact and learn with you guys, but it's not the case here... bye T3 discussion... go use 25mcg and supress your own production for nothing, just replacing your own production. Well, that's all... it's over about t3 for me... I really tried with you guys, but U don't want hear the truth and keep believing studies...


Please dont go. Your posts crack me up ahahah


Too many people are unaware that T3 has poor stability and by time of use products are often badly and unpredictably underdosed.

They then make posts about how huge amounts are needed, on belief that they have taken these huge amounts, when they have not.