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T3 Cytomel Help

Hey Guys-

New to the forum. I have a quick question for anyone familiar with T3/Cytomel.

Back in July I did a 4 week cycle of t3 run at 50 mcgs/day and had moderate success/satisfaction with the results. Lost some fat but also lost muscle. Also wasn’t too thrilled with the sides (hot, lethargy, sweating).

Got labs done 3 weeks after and TSH levels were back to normal.

Fast forward to October. I started a cycle but added in 200mg test cyp/week to combat any possible muscle loss. (was planning to do a six week cycle of T3) of 50 mcgs per day, ramped up to 75 mcgs per day after a week. Made it 11 days into the cycle and started experiencing really bad sides – extreme lethargy/unable to workout, sweats, etc. etc.

I stopped short and cold turkey – coincidentally feeling a hell of a lot better after just one day not taking any. Hoping to just grind it out an extra few months instead of taking a shortcut to get lean.

Can anyone help give me input as to how this will possibly effect my thyroid? I’ve decided to just stay away from t3 as i’ve determined i just don’t like it.

You’ll be fine, you weren’t on thyroid meds long enough.

Thanks Highpull - I appreciate the input.