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T3+Clen for BB in 60s Worried


I am not a BB and have no experience with this stuff. I have a friend who is a competitive BB for 30-40 years. In his late 60s and looks like a jacked stud still. He mentioned his trainers have him on contest prep T3 and Clen, and it made me worried. I am not aware of any health issues he has, but at his age feel like messing with thyroid or clen is not worth losing a tiny bit of bodyfat for any potential risks to his longevity. My only exposure to clen was guys in college football way back in the day taking it to "get ripped" or preserve muscle during the off season, and some of them said doing sprints on it made them feel like they would have a heart attack so got off it ASAP.

Any input I can give him from those of you more in the know about this? Just me acting concerned got him worried and I think he would get off if I found anything out that it was a risk. He has done it in the past with no issues he said but why risk it at this stage in life.

Thanks for any feedback or resources I can point him towards. I have skimmed threads about T3 and clen, seems many people love it and others do think its risky. I am not a BB so not in the loop on cutting for contests.


If he has no trace of raised heart rate or changed blood pressure, and high intensity or aerobic exercise seems unaffected then as personal opinion the dose would be mild enough to be of no concern.

If there’s some increase in either heart rate or blood pressure but values are well within normal then I’d put it in the call of personal judgment. Probably some adverse health effect, but as a guess probably not much if both heart rate and blood pressure are still good, even if elevated somewhat relative to personal norm.


Thanks alot Bill. That makes me feel better.