T3/Clen Cycle Needed

Hey Bros,

I am in need for a T3/Clen cycle as well as just a T3 cycle. I am aware of the problems T3 can cause to your thyroid and this is why I seek the advise of a vet. Any help with this will be most appreciated. Thanks


During a cycle you can use T3 at 25-50mcg/day dosages to help with protein synthesis, bloat, and to keep off some of the fat from eating tons of food. For weight loss, try 111222333444333222111 each number corresponds to a day and how many 25mcg tabs to take. This is a 21 day cycle and has worked well for everyone that I know who has done it. Do not do T3 without some type of anabolic. Thyroid medication does not differentiate between muscle and fat. With clen, try 2 weeks on, 3weeks off, 2 weeks on. I would start out at 2-3 pills and work my up to (no more than) 7. But then again, I am 220lbs. If you weigh less, you will most likely need less.

Clen sucks anyway, the only reason to use it is on a low calorie diet, to keep from wasting muscle mass. Use MD6 instead and do not subtract so many calories. Fat loss should be slow, easy, and almost painless.

bro, clen sucks! i tried this cycle last year and got absolutely nothing out of it. the only thing i got was a rebound effect after i stopped, i kept getting fatter everyday for about 2 weeks, stick with md6