T3/Clen Cycle, All Hard Decisions With It

I just finished a dbol/stromba/test/tren cycle and I want to cut off the fat. I gained good 17lbs and lost some fat. I want to cut the fat and retain the muscle I gained. I have Anavar to help the muscle loss which I think is sufficient, BUT I do not know how much to dose it to. At the moment I intend on doing the following:

—T3 25mcg pills

Day Dosage
1-5 12.5 mcg The problem with this is that I have T3 pills that are 25mcg
6-10 25 mcg each and I dont know how to cut them. Any suggestions? Just
11-15 50 mcg use the knife and cut in half?
16-20 75 mcg
21-25 50 mcg
26-30 25 mcg
31-35 12.5 mcg

— Clen 20mcg pills
from day 1 to day 30 and dosage from 20mcg ramping to 100mcg ED

— Ketotifen
Stacked with Clenbuterol, 2mg ED. If I get too hungry I will stop the Ketotifen and run the Clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. As far as I know when running Ketotifen it makes you more sensitive to clen and hence the low dosing. And it also allows you to run clen for extended periods.


20mg ED with 25mcg T3
30mg ED with 50mcg T3
40mg ED with 75mcg T3

ALA: 1500mg ED
Taurine 3g ED

And alo ot fish oil - 6 - 10g ED

Now the IMPORTANT questions: is it wise to do HIIT while doing this cycle because I much prefer it over low intensity cardio. I am planning on doing 4 times a week training and on off days doing cardio. The question is would I be able to handle HIIT while with elevated body temp and hearthbeat and blood pressure? I would much appreciate any help on the topic. Thank you!

You would be fine doing the HIIT. Don’t over-do it, but 3x week will be fine.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
You would be fine doing the HIIT. Don’t over-do it, but 3x week will be fine. [/quote]
Should I also track my Hearthrate , because I dont have a device for that.

Also I am sorry that I forgot to post about myself - 23y , 96kg and about 18% fat but thats a guesstimate.
I would appreciate some more opinions on the cycle as a whole. Any problems with it? Any wrong dosages?
I am considering skipping the initial 12.5 mcg per day and start off with 25 mcg directly.
Also should I run clen from beginning to end or just the days I wrote about?
And about Anavar - should I take it during the whole cycle or just when its getting catabolic?

And one last thing - I have 60 pills x 25mcg each. Is it better to do 5dx25/5x50/10x75/5x50/5x25 ? That way a bit higher dosages , but the tappering down goes to 25mcg only as opposed to 12.5mcg

I would not start at 12.5 mcg. 25 mcg is a replacement dose, so no real point in starting below that IMO.

This also avoids the need to cut them in half.

Ive read that an anti-histamine such as Benadryl can keep the clen from becoming ineffective, but Im not sure how effective that really is. It does lose its effect significantly after about 2 weeks. I would recommend ramping up to your full dose as quickly as possible, over a couple of days, so you get the full benefit.

Not sure if you have to ramp down clen or not.