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T3 & Clen Alternative?


looking to shed 7-8 kgs. read alot about T3 and its weight loss benefits and also of Clen. But I’ve been checking in the pharmacies here and both of them are not available… Clenbuterol has been stopped and T3/cymotel/trimotel aren’t even available. Basically the Formula Liothronine is not available and instead Levothyroine is available with the brand name of Thyronorm, Eltroxin and Thyroxine. Are these the same as T3 etc? I doubt it. Please let me know so and also the alternatives to CLEN and T3.


Ps. Anavar has severe side effects for women right? I am looking for fat burn specifically right now. Diet is clean… need a good boost.

ECA stack. Ephedrine - Caffeine - Aspirin.

Buy bronkaid for the ephedrine. Drink coffee or take tabs for the caffeine. Go light with 81mg for the aspirin (it can hurt your stomach).

Google the dosages or search TNation. Start with 1 dose/day for the first week to asses tolerance. Buy a blood pressure cuff and check to make sure you’re safe. Drink water.

ECA works for sure.
Anavar is a fairly mild substance and is one of the ones most highly used by female athletes.

It’s stupidly difficult to find Ephedrine here especially BronkAID. I’ll
check by mentioning the generic name… I’m scared of Anavar since it’s a

And what about Eltroxin? It’s levothyroxin not Liothyronine such as T3.

Nicotine is proven to raise metabolism by 10%.

You could try gum or patches in a fasted state if you can’t get ECA and don’t want to use prescription drugs off label.

Nah I’ll search for the ECA stack… I already used C4 ripped so gums not
needed. Defo looking for a safe drug… hence I was trying for t3/Clen etc

The safest route is diet and exercise. Would you like to discuss either or do you believe you have a handle on those?


That’s kind of in control, macros set, a diet plan as well. I was thinking
of trying out keto though.
Needed one of these to boost up, have a wedding to attend end of next month
so was thinking if I could at least drop 3-4 kgs If nothing else and only
diet and workouts don’t show me satisfying results. I’ve ‘slight’ PCOS and
I think my metabolism is slow.

If you want to lose 4kgs/9lbs in the next month. That’s 2lbs per week. That’s crash dieting territory there. No judgements on crash dieting… but it’s usually counterproductive long term. No sane diet will give you that kind of results.

Google V-Diet, PSMF, and rapid fat loss for guides on how to safely crash diet while retaining as much lean body mass as possible. Fair warning, crash dieting really sucks.