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T3 & Bulking an 'Absolute?' No-No?

If you have read any of my recent posts I am loaded with gear 2 weeks into a Test Cyp, Tren A, and Dbol cycle to include 4iu GH and various supps. (I never realized how hard it is to eat as much as you need to… that has been the biggest surprise coming from a guy always on to a real hardcore cycle)…

In any event, I am now more motivated as I complained of in the past, but the lethargy is unreal. I want to sleep. Now and Now… like always… and have a hard time sleeping, just tired as hell. My workouts are short and only 4 days 1 hour each… very little rest in between.

Trainer mentioned T3 and I was excited for the energy, last night he tells me that we need to hold off because we are bulking… I have some shows this summer and I am going to compete in the 50+ next summer. I really want the T3 or someone to help me figure out why I am so tired all the time.

I do have a major emotional issue in my life right now, but training has been sort of some bit of therapy for me in that regard so I feel at least… It may be the depression, but this is different.

Now hopefully bushy will see this too… because he and I have had lengthy convos about the fact that way too often I have to shoot decadron (corti) and take prednisone for a horrid allergy to a chemical that is in everything from gas (petro) to toner cartridge powder to most hair products… in any event, I break out so bad I need the ER and shots at least 5 times a year…

I Have always noticed this deathly lethargy at a period about 4-6 weeks out from a dose of the corti’s… I mean like cancer tired… I got that now and it is killing me…

any thoughts?

BTW… my cycle is heavy duty and I am using AI at .25mg daily… can’t get levels as often as I like usually test is off the chart… >7500… but, I wonder if .25 is enough to keep down the Aromatization? Also, the doc put me on fin because of the prostate enlargement, I haven’t taken it yet because for some reason I think it’s going to hinder this cycle?? I have plenty of PCT also… and once done… I am off until January of next year for the first time in 4 years… wonder how I will feel… I might even have some semen! Imagine!

Peace all of my friends!


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That would be reason to take T3 instead of T4.

While the ideal would be to get have free T3 tested – the free value is usually omitted as it is expensive, around $200 or more, but is vital to accurate conclusions – alternately, taking 25 mcg/day in divided doses, e.g. 12.5 mcg 2x/day, for a moderate amount of time cannot hurt and if it is noticed to help, then very good.

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For me it is late-night (past midnight, sometimes not till 3 AM but it can be before) that yields that sort of thing.

I would also suggest that your AI dose may be a little low for a 7500 test level… i know we have always gone on whether we are getting boobies or not… but it may help in my very limited experience in this thread.

respect jet.