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T3, Armour, Cymotel, Blood Testing


So I am wondering how long it would take after stopping cymotel for my blood levels to return to normal on a blood test from my doctor. I am prescribed 60mg per day of armour thyroid, but want to use some additional T3 to aid fat loss. How long would I need to stop the cymotel before my next blood work to hide my home dosing from my doctor? From what I understand, T3 has a half life of 10 hours. Would a week be enough?


according to the doc week should be plenty of time. half life of t3 should be about a day, but could take about 3 days to clear out. For a healthy thyroid it takes about a week to start functioning close to norm. based on my research and personal experience.


My thryoid is crap after a minor brain surgery a few years back.... So three days to hide my self medicating, not bad at all. Thanks for the reply. Anyone out there agree or disagree?


give it a week after last dose just to be safe.