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T3 and protein synthesis

What is the protocol for increasing protein synthesis with cytomel. I am 31 y/o 225 lbs, 10-12% BF. I will be using Winny 50 mg/day and test suspension 100 mg/day for 7 weeks. I’m planning on 25 mcg/day weeks 2-3, 50 mcg/day weeks 4-5, 25 mcg/day week 6 and 12.5 mcg/day week 7. My goal is to put on quality tissue and drop to 6-8 % body fat for memorial day. I realize theses dosages are low for lipolysis but it should help right? My main concern is increased protein synthesis and minimal effects on my own thyroid production. Questions:
1 Is this duration too long?
2 Are these dosages sufficient?
3 Is ramping the dosages a good idea?

100 mg of suspension a day for 7 weeks??? Good Lord…I don’t know what brand you have, but in Australia we only have the veterinary product which requires a 19 gauge pin. I wouldn’t use that much it’s too toxic. I got good results from 100mg stana + 50mg suspension every 2nd day(work out days)about an hour before my w/o for 6 weeks. If I were you I’d investigate the 2 on 4 off method.