T3, Albuterol, and Clen Safety

Do you know which one is safer to use? I’m defining safe as once one gets off of it, normal levels of all compounds in the body return to homeostasis.

One thing I have a concern about it body temperature. Obviously, these products will increase body temperature, probably through different mechanisms. I find it hard to believe that these sort of chemicals can just be stopped or tapered off of and everything will be fine.

Won’t the thyroid gland or adrenals shrink, just like the testes do during a cycle of roids? If this isn’t the case for testosterone, why would it be the case for these stims?

I’m not sure what sort of research you’ve done (apparently none) but for the most part exogenous thyroid hormones WILL shut your thyroid down - at least temporarily. The reason for the taper is to ease your body back into homeostasis as you withdraw the compound. A lot of the time when you simply stop with a high dosage, your body can’t respond quick enough to produce it’s own hormones. What this does is either creates a period of time where your producing little to no thyroid hormones (someplace no one wants to be) or worse, could cause complete shutdown. My knowledge of the thyroid regulators is almost nothing, but I’m fairly certain you can get yourself into some sort of feedback loop that could shut you down.

T3 is a thyroid hormone, which is far different from Albuterol or Clenbuterol. Both of the “butes” are Beta-2 antagonists. I’m tired, and quite frankly I can’t believe I wrote this much to someone who seems like they’ve done little research. I’m going to finish by saying that the “butes” are completely different from T3.

Do some research. Maybe it’s just how tired I am, but it doesn’t look like you know what you’re talking about.

Clen has a long 1/2 life and can land you in the hospital with a very high pounding pulse that will not stop. Many things are synergistic with clen, and visa versa, which can make things all the worse. Work slowly up to a dose and remember that with a constant dose and a longer half life, serum levels are increasing day by day for a while. You can get your body used to a certain level. You will cycle these things. With the next cycle, work back up slowly, jumping back to where you were can hurt you.

These things can have serious consequences.

You might want to try each alone by itself, to judge how your body reacts to each. If you find a comfort level with one, you might be better off reducing that quite a bit before adding anything else.

Your BP and pulse will be way up. If you get any medical work done, the numbers could easily raise some concern.

Clen depletes potassium some how. Better to make diet or supplement changes to address that problem. Also easy to get dehydrated.

I guess what I need to look at further is the after effects of these compounds.

It seems to me that there is a real possibility of permananetly reseting your baseline metabolism at a lower point.

On a lot of different boards across the net, it seems like a lot of young guys are complaining about a low body temperature. Alot of these cats have been playing around with DNP, clen, albuterol, loads of caffeine, and other powerful stims.

The quick answer is Albuterol. It has a much shorter half-life than clen, is far less “jittery” and supposedly has some mild anabolic properties as well. There is a ton of info available for you to do more research if you decide you want to try one of these compounds in the future.

I like clen. Worst thing thats happened was some cramps in my abs. I find it far more tolerable than ECA.

[quote]Hagar wrote:
I like clen. Worst thing thats happened was some cramps in my abs. I find it far more tolerable than ECA. [/quote]

I`ve suffered these a lot in the past, Taurine at 500mg am then again pm sorted it out.