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T3 300mcg

How come at 300mcg the effect of me being hot wore off, and i started to feel cold again. This is my big question and have been searching for over 2 weeks to find the answer to this and no one knows why, some people on the thyroid forums cant even tolarate 50mcg as they start getting hyper, i just dont get any of that, even on this dose and only feel slightly warmer, i was hoping someone on here would know?

I have 2 different T3 liquid bottles from 2 different research websites that are legit sources so i doubt they are underdosed.

Im seeing an endo in 2 weeks, as the docter does not have a clue, i want to go in to see the endo with some info to help us out, figure what and why this happening.

You potentially may have screwed yourself up with your dosage that high. Its about 4x the max dosage that most people would use.

Most protocols that people follow tend to max out at 100mcg/day. With the potency of T3 a max dosage of 75mcg/day is plenty.