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T2pro + original T2/Bill/Chris/Cy?

Would there be any added benefit to taking t2pro plus what I have left of my original t2, It would only be for maybe a week, then just t2pro. also what is the absolute shortest amount of time I could get away with recovery wise after an 8 week mag-10 cycle. Currently I am on week 7, I started at 200lbs, and I am currently 195, I was dieting, had about 5 or 6 bad days in total, but I look better than I ever have, but I am still not satisfied. so I want to go to maintance until I can start another mag-10 cycle. I am currently working back up to maintance. I started dieting at about 2400cal/day, had some success, then went to 1600cal per day, but usually wound up at about 1700-1900. I still had great results, and when I double dosage at about week 5, my strentgh started gradually going up. Right now my top four look great, but my lower stomach still sucks, and I have a little more to go in the handles. Other than that, my first mag-10 experience was great,a nd will be repeated.