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T200--Strasseroid Advice?

If I’m planning on doing an 8 week cycle that consists of 500mg/week of T200 by Tornell, would it be good idea to include Norma Deca, say 200 or 400mg/week?? What about Dbol at 20mg/day for the first three weeks. This will be my first cycle and I’m looking to gain/retain at least 25 lbs. of lbm putting me at 215 lbs. I’ll also include Clomid 50mg EOD throughout and 2 weeks post-cycle. If you need more info, let me know, usually nobody responds so I don’t put everything you would want to know.

please, please, please do not put Tornell or Brovel into your body. Save up and buy better gear. This is your body you are dealing with. Would you put 87 octane in your Viper? Then don’t put underdosed, unsterile diarhea in your body.

ekul, if you read my post slowly you would notice I didn’t mention Brovel. I’m using Norma Deca which is quality. I don’t know why you have beef with Tornell. Brock stated in his issue of Strasseroids in the paper mag that t200 by Tornell was his favorite injectable. Must be pretty good. Is there some reason why I can’t get any replys on this board???

Maybe, Scott, it’s because most of these “evaluate my cycle” posts are boring as hell and those who do know enough to answer them get tired of them. Especially since a good search at T-mag and a little individual THINKING is all you need to do. But instead you fill up this board with pleas for help with your cycle and then bitch when you don’t get it right away.

No, T-200 by Tornell was my fav until they
merged with Brovel. Now both of them are

I would suggest saving your cash and getting
20 amps of some Sustanonish type of deal,
Omnadrens are cheap and plentiful so see if
you can get them.

Classic cycle is 10 weeks of 500mg of test
(2 Omna’s) with 25-50mg of D-bol per day
for the first 2-4 weeks and then switching
over to 200-400mg of Deca for the duration.

Yeah, sure as shit I would be on Clomid but at 50mg EVERY day for the duration + 2 weeks. If you can get HCG, use that, 500 IU (not 5000 IU!!!) every 3-4 days after the cycle is over for 2-4 weeks.

If you have never used before, as long as you have a decent diet and train like a mofo, you should put on 35 pounds from this easily, keeping 20-30 of them long term.


thanks Brock for your input. i have 18 amps of polysteron sustanon, lasting me 9 weeks at 500mg/week. i also have 100 tabs of thai dbol so i can either do 25mg/week of dbol for the first 3 weeks or 35mg/week for the first 2 weeks. which would yield better results?? then like you said, i was planning on dropping the dbol and adding deca for the remainder, probably only 200mg/week since i can’t afford 400mg/week of Norma deca. i’ll take your advice Brock and use the Clomid 50mg EOD throughout and maybe increase to 100mg EOD for 2-3 weeks post. how important is it that I have the HCG for post-cycle?? i’m hearing different opinions about its effectiveness. this is my first cycle and i will be eating 7000 calories/day and 2.5g of protein per lb. and training very hard. i hope i can retain 25 lbs. from this cycle long term.

If it were me, i would opt for the 25mg of
dbol and stay on a little longer than using
the 35mg per day if what you listed is all you have.

Everything else looks good.

HCG? Well, you can survive without it and most people do, it just makes life a little easier at the end of the cycle.