This T2 sounds like just the fatburner I’ve been searching for. My questions with this product is, How long does T2’s effects stay in to your system?(ECA stacks work good for about 3-4 weeks with me), Would a liposome or some similar type of delivery system be more effective? I appreciate your responses. P.S. I met T.C. at the arnold (I’m the guy from Detroit), you said if I sent my message to the forum I could get a Testosterene T-shirt to show off at the gym. Thanks. Moe

At reasonable doses such as the label dosage, thyroid hormones continue to be effective as long as you use them.

There’s no need for any other kind of delivery system… there are no problems with bioavailability. In fact, the only thing stopping you from getting TOO much, is your own intelligence, common sense, and ability to follow label directions :wink: I am not sure
that there is any room to improve absorption at all, but I am sure that there is absolutely no need.

Hey Moe where do you train at? I’m from the Detroit area too.