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Was reading some articles here and ran across a Biotest product called T2, but cant find it anywhere is it still avalible


long gone,bro

just out of curiosity what happened to it

j62usa, try going to Google and doing the following search:

Biotest T2 -pro

The replacement to T2 was T2 Pro. You can probably find some still floating around. It was a pretty effective supp. There were a few pretty progressive doctors that told their patients to buy the product, instead of putting them on medication.

Just play by the rules re dosing so as not to suppress thyroid function. What would be optimal is one month of T2 followed by one month of T2 Pro.

The first version was killed when the thyroid precursors were condemmed (tiratricol?), and the second, I think, was never too effective.

Use Hot Rox now - lots of good feedback.

what, have you been living under a rock? T2 was discontinued about 2 years now. They decided to stop making it because they thought it was going to be banned so they developed t2-pro. t2 and t2-pro were supposed to be stacked with md6 to ramp up the thyroid gland but since they stopped making md6 and developed hot-rox, you don’t need t2 or t2pro anymore since the ingredients in hot-rox are superior with no down regulation…

hope this helps

John, I know it was discontinued, but I purchased some maybe 4 or 5 months ago. There’s still some floating around in the distribution channels. There’s also a bunch in a discount nutrition store down the road from me.

John, so what exactly is wrong with hanging out under rocks? I like my rock!

lol…sorry TT, that response was for i62usa…just busting a little chops :o)…anyway, i’m sure you can find t2-pro somewhere…not t2 anymore though…actually i have about 8 bottles left of original t2 that i use sparingly…

what if its expired? Is it still good? I have some left over, and I kept it in a pretty much cool, dry, light-free place. Hope its still potent!

obiwannoonan, you might want to ask Biotest Customer Support. But typically, most supps are good for years after the expiration date. That would not be the case for things that need to be refrigerated or kept in a cool, dark place. Some amino acids, too, are hydrophilic (water loving). That’s another supp where I would go by the expiration date.

T2, I wouldn’t think you’d have a problem, but like I said, go ask Biotest.