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I started taking T2 3 days ago. I noticed on the bottle that it says “thermogenic formula”, although to my knowledge it works through thyroid manipulation.(correct me if you need too) Is this considered a way of thermogenesis? What I noticed however, is that after being on the T-dawg diet for 6 weeks and having progress come to a halt, most likely due to a slow down in metabolism, the first 2 days I started using it I could feel myself getting warmer soon after taking it. Does this mean that it is making my metabolism speed up at least back to normal? Does it work this quickly?? after only 2 days. I have only been on for three days so I haven’t really noticed any weight loss results yet(we’ll see on saturday) But if this product relly does keep your metabolism humming during a diet, that would mean I could diet a lot longer without taking a break right? Also, I suppose the need for a cheat meal wouldn’t be as much anymore either. Please clarify these things for me guys and gals.
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Manipulating the thyroid has a thermogenic effect.

T2 should not take any “loading” time to take effect. T2 is just that, the T2 hormone. So it really shouldn’t take any time to start it’s magic. Now I’m no diet expert, but I would think that the need for cheat meals would become nonexistant. Joel Marion could probably answer this one best. Although, having a cheat meal may help in keeping TSH levels up as T2 can be suppressive to TSH. Anyone else have other ideas about this?

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