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Has anybody used the old T2? What kind of results and what dosage?

I used it w. the old MD6 and Berardi’s Don’t Diet and I got down from 10.5 percent to 8 in roughly a three week period w/o any lean tissue loss. I liked it a lot better than the Tricana (T3)…when I used that I lost five lbs. in a week but two lbs. of that was muscle…not good. I’m about to use it again for the last three weeks of my diet (I’m doing Meltdown). I’m at 6.5 percent now, trying to get to five or under. By the way, I assume you’re from NE…whereabouts? I’m in Grand Island.

Sorry bud, I forgot to list dosage. 3x/day, and FWIW I was eating 2500 cals/day @ a bw of 165, higher than my normal diet level of 2000 or so.