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T2 while bulking...Bill, Brock?


I have about two weeks left of T2, and I was wondering if it would be a good thing to take during a bulk phase to minimize any fat gain. Has anyone done this with good success?


I did a short, non-scientific experiment with bulking while on T2. The theory was that an "easy fat gainer" like myself could minimize fat gain while on a mass diet. Remember, this was totally non-scientific, but I did seem to be able to add muscle without gaining as much fat as I normally do when bulking. I did add some fat, but not as much as I usually do with an all out bulking cycle. I will try it again when I get my hands on some T2-Pro.

But let me add that a true "skinny bastard" to borrow Cy's Willson's term, probably shouldn't take thermos or thyroid products while trying to add weight.