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T2 warm or cold???

Have been taking T2 now for about three days at three capsules a day every six hours. I noticed today while at work that I was colder than usual, even had goose bumps. Any explanations? is that a signal that it’s working? or a signal, for the worse, downregulating?

Someone got any info on this???

Let’s give this thread a go one more time!!!

are you eating enough?

Well I actually try to get about 3500 calories a day but no I flunctuate between 2500-3300 eventhough I aim for 3500. A meal after every three hours just stuffs me up and keeps me like that for about 4 hours. I force feed as well just to make calories at night before bed, usually a shake with tons of natural PB!!!

Your body is a heat machine. In it’s simplest form it converts food energy into chemical reactions which produce heat, AKA metabolism. If you are cold, your body has slowed it’s metabolism (heat production) to conserve energy. So my guess is that you’re body senses it is in a calorie deprived state and you need to increase metabolism by doing something. I would suggest something like interval wind sprints which will increase core temperature for up to 48 hours in MY EXPERIENCE. Hope that helps! Take care,

Why are you using T2 if you’re force feeding yourself?

Whoa just a minute! If I have a fever, I feel cold and shivver; everybody should know this from experience. A fever is a by-product of an increased metabolism. Ergo, if my metabolism is UP I will actually BE HOT but I will FEEL COLD myself. (I’ll feel hot to somebody else.) Isn’t this right? In any case, the best bet is to take your temperature and find out.

Force feeding myself only because I just cannot eat the maintance or 500 below maintance. Im heavely training for a fight and need to loose about 2lbs. Maintance is about 4000 I dropped about 500cal. from that and try to eat 3500 but for some reason cutting out a tiny bit of carbs out (from 400 down to 300) is making it tough to eat enough. Protein and fat make me full. That’s the reason, the t2 hopefully is helping out with the metabolism.